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Completing your harvest used to be challenging. I was living in New England. For approximately 7 months out of the year, the weather presents not-so-perfect growing conditions. On top of that, I had limited resources, limited space and the political climate at the time (and still is) was not friendly towards cannabis ( there is only one state that hasn’t legalized it). While I had to rely on an indoor setup for a few plants, I also had to look for effective sources of information. By that point it was becoming obvious that this project might be more effort than its worth – but still, I persisted.

Now that the cannabis industry is growing into more and more states, the technology available has “bloomed”. With an ever-growing category on smokeable supplies, there was a large gap between users who smoke and users who grow. This is why we put together complete grow kits. While many other companies only sell tents with no support, we provide a full spectrum grow kit with everything that you need. Our kits are designed by growing experts in order to provide you with the best knowledge possible.  We also help provide information on how to harvest the best buds in the best space.

We have put together a number of Infographics for you to use as a guide through your first harvest. Each one details the steps you need to take during each section of the growth process.

grow kits germination

grow kits

harvest stage

the flowering stage

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