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MCC Directory provides Los Angeles with a premier education for those looking to move into the green space. Throughout 2020 the world has seen a reduction in multiple areas, but for one industry that has been the complete opposite. The cannabis industry has been running at a considerable pace despite the current world affairs. With dispensaries providing record numbers of growth, many medical patients and recreational cannabis users are searching for ways to save money while continuing to ease the stresses of the “stay at home” protocols that are still in effect for the Los Angeles area.

This is why The Budgrower has teamed up with MCC to provide the most effective growing space for the best possible price. Our home grow kits combined with the professional knowledge of industry experts and master growers work to create the perfect environment for anyone looking to get their hands dirty.

While the cannabis industry is on the upswing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, along with many states legalizing cannabis, this has created a nice space for the home-grow industry.

“Now, more than ever, we are seeing a massive increase in the home-grow market.” – says TheBudgrower Owner Alexander Ouvaroff.

With new states being added to the now substantial list of legalization, home grow initiatives are making further strides than retail efforts. Many of these states are “rural” and the ability to receive either the proper medication or to simply resupply is still out of the reach for many who are looking to purchase safe products and avoid the black market.

MCC Directory Utilizes The Best Products To Educate The Public

For many, the concept of growing from home used to be a daunting task. Depending on where you may live, the appeal might be high, but the consequences of growing from the safety of your home could be costly. While many states are still fighting against the progress that legal cannabis is making, this only leaves people to suffer the penalties of seeking alternative treatment.

Now, for states that allow home grow operations like California, the ability to grow 100% organic medication from safety of your home is easier than ever. Back in the day, resources were often underground. You would have to work your way through countless forums that shift away from using the basic keywords to find what you were looking for. Now that states are finally coming around to establishing common-sense policies, the ability to learn and develop technologies to let anyone learn the process is gaining massive popularity.

MCC delivers lessons on multiple topics for growing. These include a 6 plant cultivation program, a medical practitioner program, and a medicinal & adult use regulation program. The course provides educational resources for over 3,000 participants including physicians, patients, attorneys, dispensary operators, cultivators, law enforcement officers, and municipal officials.

Why MCC Chooses The Budgrower

The Budgrower provides exceptional expertise within the cannabis community. For those looking to try their first hand at growing, we provide the knowledge and know-how to help you grow the perfect cannabis products that are 100% organic and can save you up to 90% of retail costs.

Our complete grow kits provide everything you need for growing in the safety of your own home. On top of that, we have kits that are designed to adequately fit anywhere in your home. For those looking to grow for medical purposes, this kit is perfect for you!

This is why the combination of professional knowledge and quality education and high-quality tents are the perfect fit for those looking to be more educated or to start their very first grow!

If you are looking to learn more about the process of growing, check out the MCC program here!

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