From A Void Came An Idea!

In November of 2016, the voters in the state of California made it legal to grow in our WONDERFUL state. I decided to grow a few plants and I took to the Internet to learn how. Wow, what a disjointed mess. I found factually incorrect and conflicting information and I could not find a credible voice in the industry offering me a solution to growing at home for my personal use.

I found a bunch of disparate websites selling all types of equipment without explaining what it was or how it worked and if it would all work together. All I wanted was something that had everything I needed to get started and walk me through how growing indoors and out of season could happen. That My New Friends Is How the Bud Grower Got Started.

A Grow Solution Built From Trial and Error guide

I compiled information by involving myself within the evolving growing community and working with the most creative growers in CA. I invested a lot of time understanding what to buy, what not to buy and where quality products can be purchased. I sourced fantastic equipment and brought it together on this website in a kit that can be delivered to your door.

After putting this all together, I found the kit is fantastic for growing so many other things as well. I’m using this perfect growing environment for growing tomatoes and fresh herbs. They’re 100% organic and no nasty critters stealing my crop. So even if you live somewhere where you can’t legally grow pot yet, The Bud Grower kit is still a great addition to your healthy lifestyle.

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