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Unboxing Installation Guide

You truly have at your finger-tips ALL of the things you need to establish a healthy, productive in-home grow setup (Only things that are missing are the water and a seed – both are very easy to obtain.* The Bud Growers kit includes everything you could possibly need for a successful grow.

Opening your kit may feel a little like an episode of “Breaking-Bad” but the reality is it is very easy to set up and once you’re underway your grow-kit will give you years of successful fun growing. The below will show you how to get set-up and offer some basic advice on the growing process. It’s time to start growing!

Stage 1

Start the growing process – there are many different approaches, but I feel the below approach works well as the below images are taken from a grow using our kit. When setting up your grow to make sure you use the best possible quality of seed.

Always purchase from a reputable source and keep the strain of seed simple for your first grow: Our recommendation is to grow an auto blooming and high-yield/low maintenance seeds like Northern Lights (For the below grow we are using a good quality Northern Lights seed!)

Stage 3

It’s also time to turn on your 6’ fan (low speed) to circulate the air within your growing environment – this will have two benefits
1. Strengthen the stems on your plant
2. Is to moderate the heat within your grow tent

Watering: Be careful not to over water (the biggest killer of your plan will be to overwater). If you’re unsure if your plan needs water feel the weight of the soil pot… if it feels overly lite, add water, if not, don’t!!! – If you’re unsure… or wait until your plant withers and then water (your plant will recover within a couple of hours)


You will need to reduce the hours of light you give your plant.
• If your growing Auto flowering/Feminized seed: Reduce the light to 18-hours on and 4 off.
• If you’re using traditional female seed – change to 12-hours on and 12-hours off.

During this stage you will likely not need to use your air filtration system much – the smell issues normally arrive in the flowering stage. Start using the air filtration system in units (the unit provided is powerful so you will likely only ever need either 1 to 3 within the tent supplied.

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