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Home Business Magazine’s 2022/23 Holiday Gift Guide

2022 is on the horizon and entrepreneurs everywhere are looking forward to a fresh new year. As the holiday season approaches, the weather gets colder, and festive decorations come out, it is time to ponder what gifts should be given. The past almost two years have been difficult for many; take the opportunity to find the perfect holiday gift that will cheer up loved ones and put a smile on their faces. Many of these holiday gifts will be suitable for colleagues and acquaintances as well. Take a look through this holiday gift top-notch list for this holiday season in Home Business Magazine’s 2022/23 Holiday Gift Guide.

Holiday Gift #6. The BudGrower OPEN-AIR KIT LED Edition

This home grow kit is designed to yield robust grows at home for many types of plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs, and Rx products. Just add seeds and water. The home grow kit allows indoor growers to successfully grow with ease within their own manufactured and distinct growing environments. The BudGrower OPEN-AIR KIT LED Edition is easy to set up and includes: a 300-WATT Full Spectrum Dual LED Light, hot soil bag/pot grow mix 5-gallon, full step-by-step grow instructions, grow pot, top soil, cali super soil, garden snips, light timer, spray bottle, plant labels, seedling dome, soil meter, auto water bulb, heating mat, curing jars, polish cloth, and light hangers.


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