Spring Giveaway - FREE Advanced Nutrients
Spring Giveaway - FREE Advanced Nutrients

Hand Selected Quality Nutrients to Enhance Your Grow “Best Available”

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Big Bud®

With the legacy bloom enhancer from Advanced Nutrients, unleash a rich, plentiful crop. Big Bud® provides your plants with the ideal PK ratio, increasing yields that explode with dense, explosive buds.

  • Plants relish highly absorbable forms of potassium and phosphorus
  • High-quality raw materials provide optimum conditions to strengthen and bulk floral structures
  • 3:1 PK ratio maximizes bud bulk while minimizing the risk of heavy metal contamination

Bud Candy®

When your crops need it most, give them a shot of flower-boosting energy. Bud Candy® contains a high-quality mixture of carbohydrates that work with magnesium to create ideal circumstances for promoting floral growth and enhancing pleasing smells.

  • Carbohydrates nourish beneficial microbes, creating ideal conditions to expand the roots for ample yields
  • Magnesium supports optimal conditions for chlorophyll production that can increase photosynthetic ability

pH Perfect® Sensi Grow & Bloom

Use pH Perfect® Sensi Grow to access lush vegetation. This two-part base nutrient is designed with precise NPK ratios for an abundant grow phase, ideal concentrations of iron and sulfur for optimal nitrogen uptake, super-absorptive chelation, and a non-ionic surfactant, ensuring your crop enjoys ideal conditions and the well-balanced nutrition they require to thrive throughout their entire grow phase. While our exclusive pH Perfect® Technology frees you permanently from pens and meters.

  • Precise ratios of micro, macro, and secondary nutrient conditions your plants for robust growth
  • Metal amino acid complexes offer optimal conditions to increase absorption of micronutrients
  • Patented pH Perfect® Technology locks pH in its sweet spot
  • Humic acid derived from leonardite provides conditions for better chelation