Our Most Efficient Indoor Home Grow Kit.


Indoor Home Grow Kit with a Focus on Usability, Productivity and Power.

Grows 3-6 Plants

14-19 Weeks*

LED: 1200-Watts
41,800 Lumens

*From the time of ordering to harvest – approximate timings.

This indoor grow kit is an efficient use of size and power. We’ve upgrade this kit to 1200-Watts LED light unit to increase its ability to deliver enhanced results. The grow area within this kit has increased by an extra 100% (over the smaller kits). This allows for a larger yield but within a manageable indoor home environment.

Product Yield Chart

Home grow kits

Starter Kit:

10oz per grow cycle

Signature Kit:

14oz per grow cycle

Signature LED:

14oz per grow cycle

Dual Kit:

28oz per grow cycle

Advanced Kit:

42oz per grow cycle

Open-Air Kits:

6oz per grow cycle

Hydroponic Kit:

20oz per grow cycle

Discreet Packaging

Every order comes shipping in discreet, stealth packaging.

Legal World Wide

Our grow kits are legal in all of the US and across the globe.

Save Up
to 65%

Verses hydroponic store pricing


  • 24″ inches deep x 48″ inches wide x 60″ inches tall – Taller tent for the perfect grow, perfect for a closet, pantry, or corner of your room
  • Highest quality Hulk Series Grow Tent: 1680D canvas – 3-9 times thicker than our competitors
  • Double layered D600 Diamond reflective mylar – Most reflective and durable material available industry-wide
  • 25mm steel poles and corners – holds over 300lbs
  • Heavy duty military grade zippers for easy opening and closing – 99.7% light retentive
  • Double flap closures for full light containment
  • Large openings and 360-degree access to your plants
  • 3 Large (closeable) front windows with velcro closure
  • Exclusive hydroponic port to keep your reservoir outside of the lab allowing more room to grow
  • Removable waterproof tray to protect against spills makes clean up easy
  • Hanging bag for all of your gardening tools
  • Large vents with mesh to keep the bugs and critters out
  • Exterior hydrometer bag for easy monitoring without opening the tent

Grow Light unit – Complete HPS System with Hydroplanet Lamp

  • Highest quality all-in-one grow light unit (manage a safe growing environment
  • Best in class light unit design specifically for high yield and energy efficiency
  • 2 x 600W LED units
  • Light generates 77,500 Lumens
  • Complete set, easy to set up and use
  • Highly reflective 98% German aluminum insert for better uniformity, output, and diffusion.
  • 2 years warranty any issue contact customer service with order ID.

Complete Grow Light Fixture Spec:

  • 1200-Watt LED Grow Light – Dual 600-Watt
  • Highly Reflective German Aluminum Insert
  • Vegetative and Flowering settings
  • Back-Lit On/Off Switch (water-proof housing)
  • Fixture measures16″x7.5″x4.5″,8ft 120 Volt Power Cord
  • Excellent Quality Magnetic Ballast Will Provide Years Of Trouble-Free Use

4” In-line Fan:

  • High CFM Inline Exhausting Fan with 5-speed controls and leather case (and attachable mountings)
  • 4″ Summit Grow Fan
  • Whisper quiet – only 26-32dB
  • 2-year warranty
  • 117 CFM – Changes out the air every 1 min
  • Speed control: 5 individual settings from high to low
  • Low power consumption – 30 watts: Fan is 27% more economical than completive inline fans
  • Premium leather case to reduce sound pollution to minimal levels

4” Carbon Air Filter:

  • LED wholesalers 4” Hydroponic Carbon Air Filter 200 CFM Air Scrubber Odor Control, Pre-Filter Included, Reversible Flange
  • 4″ x 12″ Summit Grow Carbon Filter
  • 2″ thick virgin Austrian RC-412 activated carbon
  • Removes odor 99.95% of all odors and moisture out of the grow environment air
  • 2-year average lifespan depending on environmental and usage conditions

4″ Stainless Steel Clamps

  • Two easy to use 4″ by 25 feet long, Non-Insulated Air Duct: We included the extra length to make the air removal easier
  • Duct Clamps 4″:
  • Specifically sized Four-pack: Combo Active Air Stainless-steel Duct Clamps, 4″

Cali Hot Super-Soil – Specially formulated:

  • 2 x Cali Super Soil: “Hot Soil” single 6 lb. (12LBS total)
  • Everything is has been included within this soil! It’s organic and amendment-based only! Each month this soil is made fresh, in multiple small batches to ensure proper mixing, consistency, and live/fresh soil. There is no ocean forest, roots organic, or any pre-mixed potting soils used in our system. The optimal solution for your dual power kit.

Fox Farm Potting Mix – 7 Gallons

  • 2 X Fox Farm Potting mix behaves like little sponges making water available as needed by the plants. Fox Farm Potting Mix has the ability to hold more than its weight in water—while still draining well. Lower humidity reduces the possibility of attracting mold and root rot, as well as leaving insects less likely to bother your potted plants.

Fox Farm Potting Mix – Is 63% more water-efficient than potting soil (Thus plants will grow better)

  • Plants growing in Fox Farm will not require water as often as your usual potting mix. Whether you’re growing in hanging baskets, vertical gardens, containers, or seedling trays, extend your watering schedule. In most climates, every two to three days will be enough. Always adjust your watering schedule as needed.

DUAL POWER KIT Essentials Include:

Rope Hangers: (3 sets)

X3 sets: Apollo Horticulture GLRP18 Pair of 1/8″ Adjustable Grow Light Rope Hanger w/ Improved Metal Internal Gears

Grow Pots/Plant Saucer

i. 4 x Premium 5-Gallon Fabric growing pots: Aeration Fabric Pots w/Handles (Black)

ii. 2 x Round Vinyl 14″ Plant Saucer

Heat and Humidity Monitor

AcuRite 00613 Indoor Heat and HumidityMonitor

Electronic Timer

iPower GLTIME 120 Volt 24 Hour HeavyDuty Plug-in Mechanical Timer

Clip Fan

6” Clip Fan: Comfort Zone CZ6C -6″ Clip-On Fan, White

Pruning Snip

Fiskars Soft-touch Micro-Tip PruningSnip

Germination Domes: (Two pack)

Two x2: Buytra Seed Starter-kit.Seedling Starter Trays with Humidity Dome and Base for Seed Germination,12-cell Per Tray

Rapid Rooter

10-pack – germination plugs

Power Cord/Strip

6-Outlet Surge Protector PowerStrip

Safety Gloves

Brahma Large Glove Leather, Palm Grey

Glass Drying/Fermenting Bottles

2 x 32oz and 2 x 16oz Wide Neck Gar w/Lids


Read helpful tips from The Bud Growers’ Grow Library, for the Do’s and Don’ts of growing at home.



You truly have at your finger-tips ALL of the things you need to establish a healthy, productive in-home grow setup. Only things that are missing are the water and a seed – both are easy to obtain.*The Bud Growers kit includes everything you could possibly need for a successful 100% organ grow. Opening your kit may feel a little intimating but the reality is it is very easy to set up and once you’re underway your grow-kit will give you years of successful fun growing. The below will show you how to get set-up and offer some basic advice on the growing process. It’s time to start growing!