Why Buy from Us?

Why Buy from TheBudGrower?

We know you have options when purchasing your home growing solution. Find out more about what differentiates purchasing through the TheBudGrower versus others.

Our company’s mission statement has always been to help realize our customers’ legal rights to grow at home. And we have designed our Home Grow Kits to be highly efficient, all-in-one growing solutions designed around delivering premium, large yields for many grow cycles. They are great for DIY growers, beginners, and advanced growers!

Our kits come as a balanced and well-designed growing solution that has been painstakingly constructed using complementary soils and nutrients, lighting systems, and premium enclosures to provide a growing environment to optimize yields. Our kits are turnkey and have EVERYTHING you need for a successful grow, from germination to vegetive, harvest and curing!

When you buy from us, you are buying a grow kit designed by California growers who know what they are doing and genuinely love helping other growers but you are also getting the know-how of how to grow and receiving 1-to-1 support from our grow staff to support with your whole grow (don’t just talk to a customer service department that’s trying to take your order and has no idea about how to grow).

Our superior home grow kits will deliver excellent results grow cycle after grow cycle. We design our kits to deliver quality while still being sensitive to pricing. We are not a one-size-fits-all solution for our customers – we offer specific grow kits to meet different levels of growing aspiration. Our grow kits are designed to include EVERYTHING you need and come with clear and visually illustrated directions. Our on-demand help from our in-house California gardening experts can help you select the best system for you, provide support during setup, and can help with optimizing yield! Try to call one of our competitors, and you’ll likely find this support level is not available elsewhere!

What makes TheBudGrower stand apart from others

A handful of critical factors help to set TheBudGrower, and our indoor grow kits apart from the competition.

Turnkey Solution

TheBudGrower.com is not just selling equipment – we are setting you up to successfully grow at home.

Our kits come with the following:

  • Clear visual directions on how to set up and grow with your specific grow kit
  • All the soils, nutrients, and fertilizers for the perfect growing experience – just add water and seed!
  • All the ancillary items you’re going to need for a successful grow
  • Live Support: We have live agents (on the phone!) text and email ready to help you with your grow

Total Growing Kits

  • Our home grow kits are the only properly balanced (to make sure everything works together), completely turnkey solutions available, they have everything you need to get started and grow quality plants and incredible yields. This comprehensive solution includes the most important components – what you grow in (soils, nutrients, and fertilizers), the housing tent, a lighting system, and a hydroponic watering system. TheBudGrower also has years of experience in building grow kits and has optimized our kits to get you the best yield for your indoor plants in the most efficient and easy-to-use way.
  • TheBudGrower’s home grow kits have been designed for yield, ease of use, and cost efficiency. Our focus is helping home growers grow well rather than just talking about the components we sell. Our home grow kits come with premium soils, nutrients, fertilizers, premixed soil pots, hydroponic systems, jars, snips, timers, power cords, and much more. Everything that goes into our grow kits are items we know you will need for a successful grow!

Commitment to Quality

Our grow kits and inputs are painstakingly curated with the best lighting and hydroponic systems, soils, nutrients and fertilizers, and more.

  • All kits are made with equipment, soils, nutrients, and fertilizers sourced from the U.S. and Canada (no inexpensive or poorly constructed equipment that will fail after a few weeks or months). We are free to select only the best quality items (unlike many of our competitors, we do not manufacture our growing kits outside of the U.S. and Canada!)
  • Our home grow kits are designed with quality in mind. We carefully select who manufactures each component in our kits through vigorous testing, evaluating the manufacturing process, and ensuring that every kit we ship meets the standards our clients expect from us.
  • All equipment in our grow kits (e.g., the lighting system, grow tent kit, soils/nutrients/fertilizers) are purposefully selected with synergism in mind. Everything is meant to work together and deliver great grows year-round with high yields time and time again.
  • Our lighting systems are built to the specifications we provide the manufacturers and include HPS and/or LED grow lights. The lighting output is optimized to meet the full spectrum range and power needed for a great yield. And we are constantly working to improve our systems as new technology becomes available. 
  • All grow tents have three layers of canvas, 680 Mylar reflective coating (the highest rate of reflection in the industry), triple stiched, reinforced steel poles, and filtration fans with over 10,000 hours of operational life.

How do we differ from the competition?

Many competitors in the market are not actually based in the U.S, and this shows through in the quality of the grow kits they sell. If even one important item in your grow kit is not properly selected, your time and money can be wasted as a four-month grow may wither and fail. With our kits, we have designed that that won’t happen if you follow our instructions! So what helps our kits stand apart from the major competitors in the market?

TheBudGrower.com vs TheCompetition

Comprehensive Grow Kits

As we’ve mentioned, our home grow kits come with everything needed for a successful growing experience, including soils, nutrients, lighting, self-watering hydroponic growing systems, and other support items. While some of the competitors sell kits that have most of what you need, few of them have a complete solution that makes growing easy, fun, and economical!

Expert Advice

Try to call one of our competitors – you may not get through to an actual person! We provide access to live growing experts 24/7 to answer your questions and help you with your grow. This is one of the major factors that set us apart and another reason we consider our growing kits to be a complete growing solution. You can contact us on the phone between 9 am and 5:30 pm PST Monday through Friday or you can reach us through email or on our website’s chat feature. We are happy to guide you through picking a kit that is right for you, we can help you set up your growing kit at home, we can help to troubleshoot your grow, and we can help to optimize your yield! We are here to help (and we currently talk to about 100 customers each day)!

Clear Instructions

While we do offer expert advice, you may not need it for setting up your grow kit! That is because our grow kits come with clear step-by-step instructions so you will know exactly how to grow the best buds with the highest yields time and time again.

Maximum Yield

We design our kit with a focus on functionality and quality. Everything is manufactured in the U.S. or Canada (with the exception of a high-quality filter we use that is manufactured in Austria – we know it’s the best because we searched far and wide!). Our kits are not just components thrown into a box – they are handcrafted and put together with products that won’t let you down!

Made in the USA (and Canada!)

Not only is nearly every item in our grow kit manufactured in the U.S. or Canada, but we are a U.S.-based company with our headquarters and team in California. We work to support American workers, jobs, and families, as well as American growers! We’ve also gotten some great recognition, great reviews, and industry accolades, including:

You can reach us Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5:30 pm PST. Our number is 1-800-889-0366. Feel free to give us a call so we can find the best growing solution for you!