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Soil & Nutrients

Best California Organic Super Soil Nature Has To Offer

Soil & Nutrients
Discreet Packaging

Discreet Packaging

Every order comes shipped in discreet, stealth packaging.

Legal World Wide

Legal World Wide

Our grow kits are legal in all of the US and across the globe.

Save Up To 65%

Save up to 65%

Verses hydroponic store pricing

Best Soil & Nutrients for Growing Indoors

CaliSuperSoil is a nutrient-rich artisanal soil that’s been formulated through years of research and development, resulting in a final blend unmatched by others. Our 18+ nutrient blend ensures that plants get off to the right start, then continue growing strong right up to harvest.

Other products are manufactured using processed ingredients that cannot be properly absorbed into the soil.

BBB rating 4.9/5
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The Secret is in the Soil

See what our customers are saying!

Quick shipping, good price, a great experience! Stocking up a little bit so i don't run out. It arrived quickly and I am happy. I rated "Light weight" as a 3 cause it's soil so it's not necessarily gonna be "Light" lol. 6 lbs each so you can do the math. The box they came in is about 42 lbs. Will buy again.

SWOUIPLos Angeles

Good Stuff! This soil is the Sugar Honey Iced Tea! The grow with this soil is unrivaled. I have used other soils but this is Top Notch High Octane stuff! Use some high end soil to supplement and follow dIrections. Weather you are growing tomatoes, potatoes or weed this what you want to use. Just water and watch it go!

Andrew DommePortland

Easy no Hassle purchase and Great Customer Service. CaliSuper Soil Great product. easy to use.I have purchased several times from The Bud Grower. Nice people, great prices, quick shipping. Highly recommend The Bud Grower.

Robert GordonSacramento

Why The Bud Grower Soil & Nutrients

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Premium Super Soil

Our new California Super Soil is all you need for the best growing results without using any harsh chemicals! All you need is to add soil media and regular tap water and that’s it!

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Perfect For Growing

Features 5 gallon pots, great for growing 4-plants! Just water from seed to harvest (microorganisms in the super soil provide nutrients to the roots over time).

Living Soil Technology

With living soil technology, there is no need for nutrients ever for your vegetable garden!

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Made Easy

The soil is fermented/cooked for 2.5 months, allowing microbes to begin breaking down amendments and cycling them into plant forms. This will also prevent any burning from the soil.

Start Growing Better Today

If you’re going to invest 4 months of your time and efforts in a grow, it is extremely important to make sure you use the best possible growing mediums available. Always making sure you’re feeding your plants with the best nutrients in optimal concentrations in order to produce the greatest tasting, bountiful, and organic yield.

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map of CaliSuperSoil recipe

Our Recipe

Our All-Organic Soil is designed on a molecular level to be the perfect growing medium. Derived from:

  1. Milled Epsom Salt
  2. Blood Meal
  3. Humic Acid
  4. Fish meal
  5. Worm Castings
  6. CoCo Coir
  7. Pacific Oyster Shells
  8. Bat Guano
  9. Azomite with Rare Earth Elements – Zinc, Boron, Copper, Cobalt, Iodine, Manganese
  10. Mycorrhiza
  11. Dolomite
  12. Organic Perlite
  13. Cold Water Crab Shells
  14. California Kelp
  15. Peat Moss
  16. Organic potting grow mix
  17. California Volcanic Red Rock
  18. Steamed Bone Meal
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