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Indoor Home Grow Tents

Grow Tents in All Sizes for Home Grow Kits

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Discreet Packaging

Discreet Packaging

Every order comes shipped in discreet, stealth packaging.

Legal World Wide

Legal World Wide

Our grow kits are legal in all of the US and across the globe.

Save Up To 65%

Save up to 65%

Verses hydroponic store pricing

Home Grow Tents

Our customers occasionally desire to improve or expand their grow. Here you’ll find all of the grow tents we have for sale! These indoor growing tents were made just for our kits and are not available anywhere else! Our skilled growers have partnered with respected manufacturers to provide high-quality complete grow tents that have been proved to work!

BBB rating 4.9/5
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Grow Tent Features

See what our customers are saying!

This was my second dual power kit I ordered and I love these tents! They have made my growing experience easy and stress free. Thank you Bud Grower!!

Michelle SPortland

My very first grow tent very reasonable price and came with everything you need for first Growers the assembly was a breeze and steadiness is of high quality.

Robert GordonLos Angeles

Works great. I add some gear to the tents to regulate and report temp and humidity. That’s really all you need to grow amazing plants with excellent yields. My fist plant came in at 211g dried and trimmed. Can’t argue that!


Why The Bud Grower Complete Grow Tents

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Durable and Sturdy Construction

The all-steel metal frame provides solid support for hanging lights and ventilation systems of all types.

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Human-Centered Design

Vents of various sizes are included, as are filter straps for hanging filters, and an observation window allows you to keep track of your plants’ progress.

Keep Growing Under Control

The humidity, temperature, lights, and grow environment may all be monitored using a grow tent.

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Easy Installation

It takes an average of 15-30 minutes for one person to install the grow tent using the methods outlined in the instructions. Everything you’ll need to put it together is supplied.

More About Our
Home Grow Tents

Grow tent with light and temperature control to provide the finest growing conditions for your favorite plants. Adopting a unique thickness and reflective mylar interior for increased durability and light-proofing as a trustworthy indoor growth partner. Through the viewing window, you can easily check on your plants at any time.