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Selecting a Seed

So you want to Choose the Perfect Seed to Grow Cannabis at Home?

To choose the correct cannabis seed to start your cannabis growing journey it is key to do your homework – this will be time well spent. One simple way to start is by understanding the 3 different types of cannabis seeds:

  1. Feminized Seeds: These are bred to eliminate male chromosomes to ensure that every plant is a bud-producing female.
  2. Auto-flowering Seeds: Perfect for beginners/but deliver a slightly smaller yield, these seeds transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage on their own.
  3. Regular Seeds: These can produce either male or female plants, giving more control to the cultivator.

Our Tips for Picking the Best Cannabis Strains for Your Home Grow!

When selecting the correct cannabis strains strain for you, consider the following tips:

  • THC and CBD Levels: Understand your needs for potency and medicinal use – this should be clearly available from a credible seed supplier like wwwseedsfromcali.com 
  • Growing Environment: Make sure the strain fits your growing conditions, whether it’s indoor or outdoor.
  • Ease of Growth: Some strains are easier for beginners, such as Northern Lights or Blue Dream.
  • Timing: Every plant grows at its own speed from as little as 40 days to 130 days. Again, this information should be available from the seeds’ point of sale information.

Your Guide to Selecting Seeds for Home Growers

Other factors worth considering:

  • Seed Quality: High-quality seeds are vital for a successful grow. Never cheap-out on your seeds – you’re going to have a close relationship with your plant for the coming 4+ months so it’s important to spend the extra $10 on a quality seed… so ALWAYS purchase from reputable sources and buy the best seeds you can find.
  • Strain Variety: If you’re a novice, try starting with one strain to better understand its growing needs—something like White-Widow, Northlights, AK47, Gorilla Glue…etc. Grow with a seed that’s easy to manage and will deliver a strong yield.

Again, Don’t Buy Cheap Poor Quality Seeds

Cheap seeds almost always equate to poor-quality plants, leading to a lower success rate. Investing a bit more upfront in high-quality seeds dramatically increases your chance of a fruitful, joyous, fun harvest.

Buying the Growing Items You Will Need

Ultimate Shopping List: Everything You Need to Grow Cannabis at Home

Before you get started, ensure you have these essential items:

  • Soil and Nutrients: High-quality potting soil and plant-specific nutrients.
  • Containers: Pots or grow bags with proper drainage.
  • Lighting: LED grow lights or other suitable options.
  • Ventilation: Fans and ventilation systems to keep air circulating.
  • pH Meter: To test and maintain the right pH levels in your water.
  • Watering Tools: A good watering can or automated system.
  • Quality grow tent: This is important because a lot of Chinese-made tents (stuff sold on Amazon and eBay) are made of petrol chemical plastic sheets (not sail cloth like is sold www.thebudgrower.com). These chemicals will bleach into your plants during the grow period/Thus will be consumed into you over the 3-month grow in a hot, wet environment. 

The Cannabis Growing Essentials: Must-Have Items for a Successful Home Grow

Never underestimate the value of additional tools like:

  • Pruning Shears: For trimming your plants as they grow.
  • Humidity Control: Dehumidifiers or humidifiers to maintain ideal humidity levels.
  • Timers: For regulating light cycles.
  • Gress Growing Glasses; To shield your eyes when your lights are on
  • PH Monitors – you want your grow PH levels to be between 5.8 and 6.2 
  • Germination Grow dome: Help your plant grow during the week of their grow
  • Rapid Roots: Help with early root development.
  • Power cord: Feeding power into your tent – 100% you will need this 😉
  • Mason Jars: Ready to cure your bud.

From Seed to Harvest: The Ultimate Buying Guide for Cannabis Growers at Home

Aside from the basics, having:

  • Germination Station/Plastic Grow Dome: Helps in starting seeds.
  • Trellises or Supports: Supports plants as they grow and produce heavy buds.
  • Eye Microscope: For checking trichomes to determine harvest timings.

Full Grow Kits

For a turn-key solution think about growing with a company such as TheBudGrower, for a hassle-free start, consider getting a full grow kit for ease of use. These Home kits come equipped with everything, making the whole process smoother and more efficient.

Germinating Your Grow

Germination Hacks: Foolproof Methods to Successfully Grow Cannabis at Home

Here are some simple methods:

  • Soaking your seed/s in Blood Warm Water: Place seeds in a glass of water, and let them sit in a warm, dark place until you see them start to crack and a sprout emerging. Be assured it takes over 6 days with your cannabis seeds emersed in water for them to be harmed by the water.
  • Paper Towel Method: Place seeds between damp paper towels and a plate, and keep them moist until they sprout.

Sprouting Success: The Germinating of Cannabis Seeds for a Successful Home Grow

Guidelines include:

  • Temperature: Keep it between 70-86°F (21-30°C).
  • Moisture: Maintain constant moisture but avoid over-saturation.
  • Darkness: Seeds may germinate better in a dark condition until they sprout.

From Seed to Seedling: Expert Tips on Germinating Your Cannabis Grow at Home

Once seeds sprout, immediately transfer them to the soil. Ensure they get 18 hours of light a day, and keep the humidity around 65% – 75%

Managing Your Grow

Enjoy Growing Like a Pro: Top Tips for Managing a Successful Cannabis Grow at Home

Properly managing your cannabis plants and your plant environment is crucial for a successful yield. Tips include:

  • Proper Lighting: Ensure plants get adequate light for photosynthesis. Also, make sure you’re live spectrum is wide enough to support your grow – Keep light may be powerful but will generate a lower than required light spectrum. 

Your Light Spectrum needs to look something like the below: Check your lights handbook for information.

  • A Nutrient Balance: Feed your plants the right nutrients at the right stages: Use a supplier like www.calisupersoil.com for the plant nutrients.
  • Pruning and Training: Techniques like topping and LST (low-stress training) can enhance yields. By doing this you will force your cannabis plant to produce more buds and buds become collars during harvest and collars generate weed.

Some Effective Strategies for Managing Your Cannabis Cultivation

Implement these strategies for better results:

  • Regular Monitoring: Check for signs of pests, mold, and deficiencies.
  • Watering Schedule: Maintain a consistent watering routine every 3 to 4 days a
    • water day 
      • Days 0 to 20 8oz per watering
      • Days 20 to 40 12oz per watering
      • During Harvest 12oz to 16oz per watering


  • Climate Control: Keep the environment stable for temperature and humidity: 70-86°F (21-30°C) is optimal, but plants will still thrive in hotter or colder climates but will just grow at a slower.

Maximize Your Yield: Proven Techniques for Managing Cannabis Growth at Home

Utilize techniques such as:

  • Scrogging (Screen of Green): Helps maximize light exposure.
  • Defoliation: Removing excess leaves at the bottom of your plant to improve air circulation and light penetration.
  • Flushing: heavy watering 3 days before you harvest to wash away any build-up of excess salts and nutrients before harvesting.

Harvesting and Curing Your Grow

The Perfect Harvest: How to Harvest and Cure Your Cannabis Grown

Timing your harvest is critical:

  • Enjoy: Set some time in your calendar to enjoy your harvest, Harvesting our plant will take about 30 minutes per plant
  • Trichome Monitoring: Use a microscope to check trichome color (milky and amber indicate readiness).
  • Bud Appearance: Pistils should be mostly brown and curling inwards – if the pistils are around 50 to 75% amber in color, then it’s time to harvest
  • Harvest: You harvest your plant in one go or you can do it by branch over a longer period of time if not all of your branches look like they are ready to be harvested at the same time.

Harvesting Mastery: Steps to Successfully Harvest and Cure Your Home-Grown Cannabis

The steps to harvest: A cannabis plant can not survive for more than 1 grow cycle so harvesting is a must – so don’t feel bad about cutting down your “much loved” cannabis plant when it’s time.

  • Cut your plant off at the stem About 2 inches from the soil line of your pot.
  • Cut Plants: Trim branches and remove ALL of the plant’s leaves.
  • Hang Drying: Hang branches upside-down in a dark, well-ventilated room.

From Plant to Perfection: Complete Guide to Harvesting and Curing Cannabis at Home

After drying:

Dry for 6-8 days in a moist environment. When your branches bend first before snapping you know it is time to cut the nugs off the branches and put them in the mason jars

  • Curing: Place buds in airtight mason jars, and open daily to release moisture (5 mins only).

Storage: Keep jars in a cool, dark place for at least two weeks; The longer you cure your flower will often reflect well on your product’s overall enhanced flavor and quality.

Growing cannabis at home is a rewarding hobby. Start with strong seeds, use quality equipment, and monitor your plants closely, and most importantly enjoy the journey!

Happy Growing!

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