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Is it expensive to grow high-quality cannabis at home? No, because the advancements in horticultural technology have made it possible for beginner and seasoned growers to affordably purchase grow tents containing equipment for nurturing healthy plants indoors. This makes growing your own cannabis at home an exciting experience.

4 Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis At Home

1. Economical Choice for Daily Consumers

Growing your own cannabis at home isn’t an expensive affair when using LED panels to veg and bloom your crops. Since most home-growers cultivate two or three plants, it’s easy to set up a complete grow tent for less than $700.  The monthly expenses such as power bills and crop nutrients are approximately $100.

The Signature LED Kit is tailored for daily smokers who are ready to grow cannabis for the first time and harvest enough bud to smoke for a couple of months. This grow tent can accommodate three autoflower plants and contains a charcoal carbon filter to eliminate smells that might draw unwanted attention. Some strains produce three ounces per plant and this means you can harvest approximately nine ounces for your daily consumption!

2. Enables the Grower to Experiment with a Variety of Strains

Imagine you’re visiting California for a weekend and happen to meet growers with some amazing strains that aren’t available in your home state. Owning a grow tent enables you to gain immensely from such meetings because you can buy root plugs for about $50 to transport any clones or seeds you’d like to grow at home.

It’s easy to grow two plants of each premium strain inside the Dual Power Grow Kit since it’s large enough to grow nine plants. The crops receive light from a 120Watt LED panel which maximizes yield since the ultraviolet rays emitted by the panel catalyze photosynthesis at a higher rate compared to High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps.

3. Convenient For Making Home-Made Hash and Rosin

Growing cannabis at home enables you to derive additional products like ice water hash and homemade rosin from popcorn-sized nugs and trim. The larger your grow tent is, the more crops you can cultivate for making concentrates and edibles.

A majority of hash makers prefer growing their own indoor cannabis. Investing in the Advanced Grow Kit provides the grower with enough bud to harvest and material to make huge blocks of ice water hash.  This 48” X 48″ X 80″ inches tent allows maximum airflow for up to nine plants and comes with a 4-inch silent inline fan that circulates your tent within 60 seconds.

4. Enables Growers to Gain Practical Experience Before Stepping Up to Commercial-Level

Growing your own cannabis at home means spending several hours each day observing, feeding, and managing living plants. You get to learn how to work with different spectrums of LED light to achieve desired results on your buds.

This experience also helps you to identify and neutralize pests as well as issues arising from nutrient deficiency. It might take a year or two to harness your skills at home, but you won’t make costly mistakes when you’re managing hundreds of plants growing inside a licensed commercial facility.


Growing your own cannabis at home is the best way of maintaining the consistency of your yield. It’s easy to cut your own clones and replicate the desired results on several plants when you have a large grow tent. As a consumer, you get to enjoy safer concentrates, edibles, and flowers since you have full control over fertilizers as well as pesticides.

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