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Marijuana or weed, common to many of us, comes from the cannabis plant. Comparatively, cannabis grows fast on proper care, and cannabis plants on seamless topping can be used to their fullest potential. The most frequent question people ask is when and how to top weed plants.

However, proper topper topping and standard growth guidelines are also necessary for better growth outcomes. This blog deals with when and how to top marijuana plants. Stay with us to get insights into efficient plant growth.

What Does Topping Mean?

It is the process of cutting the topical part of a plant from the stem. This process is mandatory for the plant’s growth, making it healthier with more branches. Achieve a bigger yield by repeating the process after a few days.

When to Top Weed Plant?

Whoever starts gardening cannabis plants will keep on asking common questions about when to top cannabis.

If topping is done at the right time, it will benefit the plant in many ways. If done before and after, this process is stressful for the weed and ultimately hinders its growth.

Stages to Cannabis GrowthStages to Cannabis Growth

Cannabis has four growth stages:

  • Seed Germination: The seed germination phase consists of 3-10 days. Between these days, it will happen any time
  • Seeding: Baby leaves come out of the seed.
  • Vegetative: The vegetable stage cycle covers 3-16 weeks.
  • Bloom: In the last stage, the cannabis looks like a complete Plant.

Factors to Consider Before Growing Cannabis

Before topping, you should consider various other factors with growth phases. These things matter a lot in making a healthier and stronger cannabis that will bear the stress of topping easily.

Cannabis growth, like that of other plants, depends on various factors: proper sunlight, watering, and soil compatibility. Some of the considered things before cutting marijuana or weed include its health, nodes of Marijuana, phases of growth, and height.


Before making the decision to top, check the health of a plant by just viewing the plant’s physical appearance. If it looks healthier, consider the second step. But if not, then work on proper sunlight, watering, and soil. These things are necessary to take maximum advantage of any plant.

Count the Nodes

The number of nodes is another thing that predicts whether the plant is ready for topping or not. The best practice is to cut the marijuana with at least 5 Nodes. The more nodes the plant has, the more chances there are of its growth without stress.

Count the week

The third thing to focus on before topping is to check in which phase the plant is. Expert says it is preferable to go for topping in the vegetative stage. Because in the first two to three weeks, cannabis is in the seeding stage. It will cause harm to the plant if cut in the initial stage.

Count the Height

Gardening experts say height also plays a valued part in making the decision to top cannabis.  The recommended height of cannibas is 5 Inches. Because smaller then it will face problems in reproduction.

How to Top Marijuana PlantHow to Top Marijuana Plant?

Now you almost understand which things are important and when to top cannabis. Topping cannabis is equally important as the above one. Execution of both steps results in proper growth and production of cannabis. Ignoring any of them will end up ruining the cannabis.

Pick the Right Tool

Taking the right tools is the most crucial part. Let’s say you go to the doctor for an operation, and the doctor starts operating with old and rusty tools. It will not going to heal you. It will increase your pain.

The same concept goes for plants, and if you start cutting plants with old, rusty, and incompatible tools, it will destroy the growth of your cannabis. To cut the cannabis, you should use sharp and quality scissors that cut the plant in one action.

Select the Nodes

Now you are equipped with the right tools; the next step is to select the node for cutting. The best practice is to cut the fifth node; It will decrease the chances of harm.

Cut the Stem

Proper stem cutting is crucial; cut the stem fast after selecting the node. When you cut it with fear of loss, you may end up the same as you are thinking. So do it with Calmness.

Monitor the Weed

Once you cut the top, you should monitor the growth of cannabis. Even after following all guidelines, there are minor chances that something unexpected happen to your plant. Keep an eye on growth for at least ten days after topping Marijuana.

How Much Weed Does One Plant Pield?

Outdoor growing and doing it right can yield up to 1.5 to 2 kilograms 3.3 to 4.4 pounds.

But the yield usually isn’t as impressive when it comes to indoor growing. On average, we are talking about getting around 500 grams per square meter, equivalent to 1,708 pounds per square inch, but it can vary.

Wrap Up

Marijuana Plant demands excessive care. To increase your yield, you must know when to top your weeds and which tools and methods to cut the cannabis. This blog is your go-to guide to planting weeds both indoors and outdoors.