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Fungus gnats are one of the most common pest problems that many beginner growers face. These little guys are simply small flies that appear in damp and humid conditions. This means that your grow tent provides the perfect environment for them to thrive.
It can be tricky – especially if you try to swat them. They are also known to burrow into your soil and hide their eggs so it’s the best idea to start making cautionary treatments as soon as you notice them.

Fungus Gnats Like Wet Topsoil

The first step in treating the micro pests is to let your topsoil dry out. This is also a clear indicator that you might be overwatering your plants. If you are, then it is a good idea to ease up on the watering.
Simply do a finger check. Take your index finger, and place it into the first up to your first knuckle. If it’s still wet, then hold off on watering for 1-2 days. Let the soil dry out and then begin watering after.
They are called “Fungus Gnats” for a reason. Fungus developed under wet and mild climates.

These Aren’t “Fruit Flies” 

Fruit flies look different. They are slower, and most importantly: fatter. There is a distinct difference if you are seeing fruit flies. Fruit flies signify decaying matter and can be found in the trash or your sink (if you haven’t cleaned either out in a long time).

Fungus Gnats Are A BIG (but not serious) Problem

For many experienced growers, the thought of having these critters isn’t a problem that they find burdensome. That is, of course, if you catch it right away! If you leave the problem to fester, then say bye to your plants. Fortunately, these methods are designed to stop the issue at the source. If you take the appropriate steps then you should have no problem with getting back to your regularly scheduled maintenance.