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Green education is spreading faster than, well, the plant. While states are continuing to further common-sense policies, many are now learning a new skill. This is giving everyone a further lesson in what it means to have a “green thumb”. Why is this?

Green Education is Available To More People Than Ever

Back in the day, you had to consult friends or relatives who owned illegal grow operations. You had to purchase all the equipment separately as well. A lot of us have already been there: going to your local home and garden center, picking out all the necessary equipment, paying the “high” price, and having the cashier side-eye you because they knew exactly what you were doing.

These are things of the past. Now that states are moving towards legalization, the ability to learn either online or from friends is more readily available without the harsh stigma.

Not Everyone Needs A Degree

Even just a decade ago, the resources available to learn how to grow and cultivate in your own home were scarce. Even at a college level (where most people get their first experience with the green space) the ability to learn how to grow was narrow. After a few years and a few legalized states, however, colleges began opening up to the idea of education within the green industry.

But nowadays, you don’t need a college degree in order to learn how to grow your own recreational or medicinal plants. All you need is a simple affordable home grow kit and a helping hand.

The ability to learn or have resources to learn is growing at the same rate that states are legalizing. With new prospects appearing every year, the resources available are more abundant than ever!

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