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The grow tent can provide a suitable environment for indoor plants, and it’s way better than plants outside the grow tent. However, with time, the tent gets dirtier due to substances that can harm the plants.

This is why you should know to look after your tent to resolve plant health issues and continue to provide a good environment to the plants that are placed for growing after tent cleaning.

How to Clean a Tent?

The basic steps of tent cleaning are shown below:

1. Remove Equipment

This is the initial stage of tent cleaning. In this stage, you have to remove all plants and equipment, including lights and fans. 

2. Use a Vacuum Cleaner or Sweeper

This is one of the best ways to clean a tent for the safety of the plant’s growth. After completing the first step, use a cleaning item such as a vacuum cleaner or broom to clean the whole tent perfectly.

You can also use any cloth as a cleaner if not used for wearing. Just add a bit of water and start wiping everywhere.

Not only do you have to clean its interior, but you also have to get rid of the dirt outside the grow tent, making it harder for pests or any other harmful factors to reach the plants.

Clean a Grow Tent3. Give Tent a Good Clean with Water

Create a cleaning solution by mixing water with cleaning supplies in a bucket. Thoroughly clean all interior and exterior spots in a tent using a cloth or sponge.

Once it has been done, use water to remove detergent from the tent and a towel to dry it.

4. Sanitize Your Tent

Ensure that bacteria is removed from the tent after it has been dried. This will make the new plants safer to grow.

Use disinfectants to eliminate any bacteria left on the tent. After it has been done, rinse with clean water shortly after the disinfectants are used. 

5. Set Up the Tent

After all the steps have been completed, you can safely set up the tent. You can then place the equipment again for plant growth. Ensure that all the equipment needed is placed.

Pro Tips for Cleaning Tent

Several professional tricks used for giving the tent a good clean are shown below:

  1. Make a regular schedule for cleaning the tent so that healthy plants can be produced.
  2. Use a fungicide to eliminate fungus.
  3. The ventilation system is considered the most important tool in a grow room for healthy plants. Ensure that the ventilation system is cleaned to give good air circulation to the plants.
  4. Cleaning a large tent is typically time-consuming. Ensure that you use a pressure washer for rapid cleaning.
  5. Wearing gloves will prevent you from getting harmed by disinfectant products.
  6. Sometimes, cleaning a tent hard can damage its surface, so make sure to clean the tent gently, as some tents are made of fabrics.
  7. Before setting up the tent, inspect the holes and cover them with duct tape to prevent the tent from absorbing factors harmful to plants.
  8. Use a humidifier to increase moisture for the plants for better growth if the tent’s interior is dry.

These tricks can make the best way to clean a tent.

grow tent cleaningProducts for the Tent to be Cleaned

Some products involved in cleaning are mentioned below:

1. Product for Controlling Pest

This product won’t allow unwanted visitors to attack the plants.

If you are having trouble with your plants being attacked by fungus, spiders, or insects, this product is there to solve this sort of problem.

2. Product for Controlling Climate

This product is crucial for maintaining healthy growth and getting rid of bacteria. If you use it appropriately, you can give the plants enough temperature and humidity.

3. Bleach

The strong smell of bleach can easily be detected no matter how far away it is. Adequate ventilation is essential when you use bleach for cleaning because of its potentially hazardous fumes.

Additionally, rinsing the tent is crucial to eliminate the remaining bleach. If not rinsed, this can hurt your harvest. 


Cleaning a tent is crucial to creating a good growing environment and maximizing your harvest.

To prevent the plants from being attacked by pests or molds, you just have to follow the basic steps, pro tips, and products. Don’t forget to rinse your tent to remove any cleaning remnants that can lead to your plant’s demise. With this, you can create good environmental conditions for your plants and earn your harvest.

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