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Cannabis is one of the plants people want to grow in their homes for different purposes. Weed growers use a strategy to increase their yield called “Cannabis Clones.” In this blog, we will discuss how to clone cannabis organically in the right way so you get the maximum benefit from it.

What are Cannabis Clones?

Cannabis clone plants come from the mother plant when we do branch-cutting from healthy plants. The primary purpose of this is that branch-cutting has all the characteristics of the plant. It grows faster and looks the same as a mother plant in a short time.

After the branch-cutting, the next step is to carefully place the weed cuttings in a suitable environment to ensure they grow accurately. The recommended length for a cannabis weed clone is 5-8 inches.

The roots are almost developed within 2-3 weeks, and you can quickly transfer them where you want to grow. You can use a hydroponics method or shift them to soil.

What is a Mother Plant?

It is essential in the cloning process. As we know, mothers have a significant impact on their children. This strictly applies to cannabis weed clones that come from the parent plant. Select a healthy plant and cut down branches to make weed clones healthy.

The common practice is to take clones from the parent plant when they are vegetative. Vegetation of cannabis is when plant growth increases, and stems and leaves bloom at a high rate.

Professional marijuana growers cut branches from the parent plant before it enters the flowering stage. This creates hurdles in cultivating weed clones.

The plants should be used only once to cut down branches, then wait for the clones to grow. Select one of the mother clones and do branch-cutting from that clone. The process will continue. The tastes, uniqueness, and flavors remain the same in all generations of plants.

Why Do We Need to Clone Cannabis PlantsWhy Do We Need to Clone Cannabis Plants?

Seeds are the most organic way to grow plants, but people avoid them when it comes to cannabis clone plants. There are several reasons for this, such as the fact that the seed method does not guarantee favorable results and that people find it difficult to find male seeds to send out.

That’s why the cloning method is easy to follow and beginner-friendly. You pick the parent plant, cut some branches, and then keep the plants in intensive care for a few days. People love this method because it saves a lot of space in their growing area.

How to Clone a Cannabis Plant?

There is a complete step-by-step method for perfect cannabis cloning, so don’t hurt or stop the growth of the plant. Here, we are going to discuss each step in detail:


Having a few essential pieces of equipment to start the process is perfectly fine. These items are scissors, knives, cotton cloths, and isopropyl alcohol.

These pieces of equipment should be adequately cleaned of rust and fast. Take a cup of water and the equipment to put down the cut branches of the cannabis plant.

Mother PlantSelect the Mother Plant

Choose a plant for cutting that yields high so that it makes no difference when cutting a few branches from it. Find this kind of plant in your place. After selecting, take your scissors and cut the branches with at least three nodes. Remember, always cut them at one time. Don’t push the plant or unnecessarily use the equipment around it.

Rooting Hormone

First, cut the branches at a 45-degree angle to quickly dip them into the rooting medium. Many rooting mediums are available, but aeroponics or rock wool are the most common.

Rockwool is a medium made from spun basalt rock. It can be used in cannabis cloning. People prefer it because it is cheap and comfortably nourishes the roots of clones. Cutting the branches, dipping them into rooting hormone, and then putting them into rock wool would help.

Aquaponics is another method to grow clones. It uses an auto cloner, which provides water full of rich nutrients and showers it to the roots when you set for your plant.

After all this, you must pay extra attention to light and humidity. Ignoring these will eventually harm your weed plant.

Transfer Plants into Pots

Once the roots start growing, the last step is transferring the plant into a pot. You must effortlessly place your plants in the desired area or medium. Once they grow, you can repeat the process as often as possible.

Wrap Up

Cannabis cloning is easy if you do it the right way. You have to stay calm and follow these simple steps. Don’t overcomplicate the process. If you need help, let us know in the comment section.

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