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Cannabis is a group of plants from the family Cannabacea. They are used for recreational (psychoactive) and medical purposes. There are three known species of this plant; Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa, and Cannabis ruderails. The drier flowers of this plant are used as common drugs; thus, they are also known as weed, pot, or marijuana.

These are mostly consumed for a relaxing and calm effect. Sometimes, it is also used for medicinal purposes. Their consumption has both positive and negative effects. In some states, they are legal; in others, they are illegal. One should check the status of this plant in their area before cultivating it. 

Cannabis Growth Stages 

Growing cannabis can take 3-6 months, depending on its conditions. The growth cycle also depends on the choice of seeds. The grow stages of cannabis can be broken down into the following categories:  

1. Germination Stage 

Once the seeds are cultivated, they start to grow, given the proper temperature and moisture conditions. There are different germination techniques. To sprout, seeds need to be sown in your preferred medium, e.g., soil, right after popping.

The taproot starts getting moist. Over a week, the plant starts to show a stem with two cotyledons. This is where the germination stage ends in about 10 days.

2. Seedling Stage  

This stage lasts for 2-3 weeks. In this stage, the sprouts start to become seedlings. Roots start to stretch, the stem starts to grow leaves, and thus plants get a more defined shape. This stage requires optimal conditions in terms of temperature, moisture, and light as well. 

3. Vegetative Stage 

This stage continues for 3-16 weeks. This stage is characterized by extensive root and leaf growth. It is also at this stage that the species of the plant can be initially differentiated. The nutritional requirements of plants increase as they require more nutrients to grow.   

4. Pre-Flowering Stage 

It is the stage when the final growth acceleration of the cannabis plant takes place. Also, it is at this stage that the sex of the plant becomes visible. If you want to yield male cannabis, you can keep them. But if you aim to grow flowers, you have to remove male plants, as they can pollinate female plants. 

This stage has a duration of weeks 7th-12th. The first three weeks of this stage are invested in pre-flowering. The plants start developing buds and then a central cola with round cotyledons. After the plants ripen, the flowers are harvested and thus can be used after drying.

Grow Cannabis At HomeHow Can You Grow Cannabis At Home? 

Here is a step-by-step guide for beginners to growing cannabis. Your growing style will be according to the budget you have, the yield (number of plants), and the space you choose. The main resources needed to grow cannabis include: 

  • Growing Medium 
  • Light 
  • Temperature 
  • Water 
  • Air 
  • Nutrients 

Step 1: Selecting the Space 

The first and foremost step is selecting the space where you will be growing your plants. Will it be indoors or outdoors? Both spaces have their pros. But for hobby growers or beginners, indoor space is a great and cheap option.

You can use any space indoors with sufficient air and optimal temperature and humidity requirements.

Indoor plant environments can be more controlled as compared to outdoor plants. But you need to be very careful, consistent, and responsible because plants will rely on you.

While in outdoors, you can have sunlight and other natural conditions to help in plant growth but you cannot control the environment. 

Step 2: Grow Lights Selection 

If the plants are cultivated outdoors, then sun is the source of light. But if you are growing your plants indoors, you need to choose the lighting option for your plants’ growth.

You can select lights depening on your budget, stage of plant growth and other conditions e.g., temperature of the region. Different options include compact flourescent light bulbs (CFL), T5 lights, LED grow lights, Light emitting ceramics (LEC), and HID grow lights. 

Step 3: Selection of Growth Medium 

Next step is to select the medium/substrate that your plants will grow in. The medium could be soil, soilless mix (coco coir, vermiculite, perlite), or water solution (hydroponics). The best and simple option is soil, that too if it is handmade by you. But you can always pick on options as per your choice. 

Step 4: Nutrient Selection 

Nutrients are very important for the growth of plants. Thus you need to select the best type of cannabis nutrients, they can be soil growers or hydroponic growers depending on your substrate medium.

The amount of nutrients to feed plants depends on the stage of plant growth. You also need to keep check of water hardness, pH and ppm, so the flowers and buds will grow properly.

cannabis seeds Step 5: Strain/Seeds Selection 

The next step is to get seeds or clones of an aunthentic genetics. You can purchase them from seed banks or other trusted growers.  

Step 6: Germinate the Seeds 

If you have seeds, you have to germinate them. But if you got clones, you have to skip this step. There are different germination methods including germination trays, rapid rooters, and paper towel method. Once the seedlings will be sprouted out of seeds, this step completes. 

Step 7: Vegetative and Flowering Stage 

This is when seedling will be converted into a plant and then flowers will be grown. As these stages has been already discussed above, you just need to be careful in providing optimal conditions of temperature, light and moisture during these stages. You also need to check for the sex of the plant. If you are to grow flowers, you have to dispose the male plants.  

Step 8: Harvest Your Plant 

You have to check if your plants are ready to be harvested; have they stopped growing white hair and are they changing color to a dark color in a low percentage? When half of them have done so, they have entered the harvest window. You can pick and trim them. Next, you will dry and cure them, so the flowers will be ready to use.

That is pretty much it. Invest your time and a little money, and you will have cannabis of your own. Start cultivating now!

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