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Lava rocks are one of the most popular growing media for hydroponic kits. They are well-known and often regarded as one of the best choices for not only beginner growers but experienced growers alike.

Lava Rocks for Hydroponics

Let’s take a look at why so many choose this instead of the alternatives:

Lava Rocks are Affordable.

One of the largest reasons why so many choose lava rocks is because of their wide variety. Because there are so many forms, they can often be found on the cheaper side than perlite and other grow media.
The reason why it’s so widely available is, well, because they are made from lava. These rocks are one of the most common types in the world!

They Retain Moisture and are lightweight

One of the benefits comes from the ability to work well with ebb and flow systems. As they are so porous, they can help oxygen levels and water flow through a hydroponics system.

pH Neutral

One of the best reasons to use these are due to their neutral state. While soils and other media have pH levels that work to bolster your harvest, a hydroponic kit doesn’t require this. Due to the nature of hydroponics, you as a grower get to fully develop your plants with the perfect levels of nutrients.
While there are grow media that give your plants an extra boost, it isn’t necessary for a hydro system. This enables clean, flowing neutral water to pass through your grow!
While it may seem tempting for someone to skip the first parts of their grow when moving from soil to hydroponics, it’s best to understand the new process completely before making any mistakes.
Remember, it’s better to learn how to do things the right way first, that way you don’t continue to make mistakes in the future.
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