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Niche strains are becoming a hot topic this year. While COVID-19 kept many indoors and taught them new skills, many have found their way to in-home cultivation. With so many learning how to grow the biggest and best buds from the safety of their own homes, there has been a resurgence in finding new and richer strains that may have flown under the radar. But why is this happening?


Niche Strains Are More Specific To The User

Depending on whether you live in a legalized state, you may have found that your local dispensary used to have your favorite strain, but now it doesn’t. Why is that? Well, the market is dictated by popularity. There’s no sense in supplying something that only a few people want. This has also happened within the medicinal side of the industry. Growers and cultivators are producing the most popular strain to reap the benefits of large-scale purchasing. Your favorite strain might be pushed out for more lucrative methods.

Many are finding that they can still obtain their favorite strains for recreational or medical purposes by growing from home.

Strains Home GrowJust Because The Strain Is Hard To Find Doesn’t Mean Its “Unpopular”

There are more strains than you can think of now. With so many growers coming out with hybrid genetics, the appeal of a single certain strain can get buried in a sea of sales.

People are starting to realize that the overpriced and overtaxed cannabis that they are purchasing at their local dispensary is taking the fun out of the experience. Where street values would typically be around $35/ eight, these are now upwards of 50, 60, and sometimes even 70 dollars! This is due to taxes and retail fees.

Growing from home is nearly 1/10th the cost. In fact, if you spend the upfront cost on a grow kit, you can repay that with your first harvest in savings!

Growing Year-Round Means More Variety

Once the first-time growers become more accustomed to the growth process, the mind typically wants to reach out and try new and interesting methods. This is a great way for people to achieve further success. Sure, the OG strains are the best way, and Autoflowers just make magic things happen, but sometimes, shelling out a few extra dollars on your seed or clone purchase will produce something new.

The ability to grow year-round speeds up the learning process tenfold. When beginner growers evolve beyond that of beginners, they can itching to find something that will pique their interest.

After your third grow cycle, the process is cemented in a grower’s mind as to what they can do to improve or experiment.

This is where so many are now choosing to go the road less traveled.

Searching for new and experimental techniques, some have even found that their favorite strain is tough to come by.

This is fine, as it allows the grower to start cloning.

Growing Strains in HomeCloning Niche Strains

Let’s say you’ve found “the perfect one.” Excellent! Then, you go to your local seed bank or clone nursery to ask if they have it. You get met with a scratched head and a confused look on their face. Chances are, they haven’t heard of it. This means you are ready to take the next step and start cloning your specific strain!

Cloning is a great step to take when resources are limited. Maintaining a “mother plant” while taking small bits to regrow will keep you going with your new strain for a long time!


Nowadays, growing a plant on a personal level requires more focus. However, niche strains provide an efficient way to cultivate plants.