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Grow tents have become very popular for those seeking to grow plants year-round. Whether you live in cold, harsh environments or a hot, dry area, you can grow your plants by setting up your growth tent.

One of the most used growth tents is the 4 by 4 growth tent. It also became a hobby for those who want to cultivate their special plant, and we all know which one. 

An indoor tent is a popular room for plant growth, and home growers widely use it. They provide flexible space and a suitable environment for crops to yield. Our primary concern in this blog is to figure out how many plants can fit in a 4 by 4 sized tent.

What is a 4×4 Grow Tent?

A grow tent is a space for growing indoor plants with complete care and your supervision at all times. A 4 by 4 grow tent is 16 sq. feet; theoretically speaking, it can grow up to 32 plants simultaneously.

It provides all the necessities crops need to yield, such as light, proper ventilation, and other environmental requirements. It is a sealed space without the interference of external greenhouse gases and has full inspection for pesticides and diseases. 

What is a 4×4 Growing Tent Yield?

A 4×4 grow tent yield is the essential indoor tool for cultivating desired plants in a compact space while allowing you to control its environment according to your needs. The yield of the growth tent varies according to the growth method, light source, tent windows, soil nutrients, and humidity. 

The tent measures 4 feet in length and 4 feet in width, providing 16 square feet. It provides enough space to grow your plants indoors. The 4×4 grow tent setup is widely used due to its compact size, which allows it to be installed nearly anywhere in your home.

Importance of 4 by 4 Sized Tent

The structure of the 4×4 grow tent setup allows you to control the environment for the plant for better efficiency. It has a unique growth light, and the tent’s wall is lined with luminescent or high-reflective material, which reflects the light evenly in the tent. This helps each leaf get an equal amount of light for growth. 

The most important advantage of having a tent is its compactness, great space, and the ability to create and control the environment according to the strain of the plant used.

You can control the temperature, humidity, light exposure, growth design, and growth cycle. Growth tents also offer a pest-free environment to the plants, which is very neat and clean. The growth tent is not messy or dirty gardening like we do in our backyards.

4x4 grow tent setupSteps to Consider While Grow Tent Setup

The following are the steps to follow while setting up an indoor growing tent:

1. Choose a Suitable Spot 

The first and foremost step in setting up your tent is to select a location that is ideal for providing all the necessary sources for plant growth. Remember, you need access to light, optimal temperature and humidity, and no environmental diseases like mold, wilt, or fungus. A spot must provide maximum benefits for your vegetation. 

2. Grow Tent Assembly

After choosing the right spot, the second step is to adjust your tent using the tent assembly instruction pamphlet. This will guide you through adequately assembling all the metal poles and setting them up.

A little help from a friend would be nice. Ensure your tent’s fabric is polyester or polythene, as these are light in weight and can be assembled easily. 

3. Grow Light

Since childhood, we have learned that light is the primary source of the growth of plants. We will not see photosynthesis or respiration details, but we should consider which light source has the highest yield and which does not harm our plants.

There are many recommended growing light sources. High-intensity discharge light or high-pressure sodium light is one of the best light sources for the cannabis plant, between 800-1200 watts. So, it depends on your tent growth condition and your requirements. You need to find out which grow light source is suitable for you. 

4. Plant Care

The fact that most people ignore is taking care of plants. Providing a grow light with essential nutrients is not enough for a high yield and proper growth of your cannabis plant.

They need to be cared for by monitoring their growth and needs. Many plants grow many diseases that need to be treated before they destroy your plants. If you don’t notice the dullness of your leaves or the unknown spots on your cannabis plant, then you are not taking care of it, and you cannot get a good yield. A plant needs special care if you need a high yield from them in the 4 by 4 growth tent. 

5. Type of Strain

Another important factor for the 4 by 4 tent growth is strain selection. You need to do research on your strain and what conditions are suitable for it. You can ask an expert or get information online.

Many people have questions about using multiple strains in their tent. So, the answer lies in your ability to complete the requirement of each strain. If you are thinking about throwing something different in your tent and expecting a high yield, then you are wrong!

Each strain needs special care and conditions to grow, so it’s recommended to grow a single strain at a time for a high yield in your 4 by 4 grow tent. 

6. Temperature Level

Temperature is also essential for growth, as specific enzymes and bacteria need a specific temperature for proper functioning. In most cases, you can use 80–90-degree temperatures (Fahrenheit) during the daytime and around 60-70 degrees (Fahrenheit) at night.

7. Humidity

The humidity level decides the quality of air your plant gets. If the humidity level is too low, your plant will turn pale in color and will not produce yield. So, maintaining a proper humidity level in the 4 by 4 tent is essential for your plant’s growth.

4 by 4 grow tentFactors Influencing the Growth of Plants

To set up a high-yield growth trend, consider a few factors influencing its growth and efficiency. You can easily get a 1000-gram yield, which is around 2 pounds.

Your growing method is among the most important factors in your 4 by 4 tent yield. Three major methods are highly recommended, and many people have responded to their efficiency.

1. Screen of Green Method

The first one is the Screen of Green, in which the cannabis plants grow horizontally on the screen, creating a canopy of buds.

2. Sea of Green Method

The second method is the Sea of Green, which has a higher yield rate than the Screen of Green. In the Sea of Green, you can grow small cannabis plants in large numbers per square foot, yielding over three times that of the Screen of Green.

3. Stress Training Method

The third method is stress training, in which you can change the shape and structure of your cannabis plant to increase its light-absorbing efficiency and growth.

So, by using one of these methods, you can surely increase your cannabis yield from 1.5 pounds to 2 pounds on a 4 by 4 tent.

What Yield Can You Expect from a 4 by 4 Growing Tent? 

In this blog, we have learned the basic instructions to get a good start. However, the question is how much crop yield we can pull from a 4 by 4-sized growing tent.

The answer is simple: the more suitable and favorable conditions and equipment you will provide to your plants, the more fruit they will deliver. However, depending on your tent’s potential, a 4 x 4 growing tent can yield 4 to 8 ounces per plant.


Maximizing your yield in the 4 by 4 tent depends on your willingness and dedication. You need to optimize the conditions for your tent for maximum output. The 4 by 4 growing tent is widely used for its high efficiency and growth output.

You just need to study your case thoroughly and set up your tent. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, the 4 by 4 growing tent is easy to manage, and anyone with some basic knowledge can get a high yield.

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