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Canna tech is rapidly evolving. From lights to grow tents and spaces, the ability to grow your own recreational or RX products is easier than ever. With so much changing, let’s look at how these innovations can help you grow bigger and better products!

More Efficient Grow Technology

One of the largest innovations through the past 2 years has been grow tents. Back in the day, the ability to grow was costly, not just on your phone bill, but also by law. Going to your local home and garden or hydroponic store used to be a big red flag and was expensive. For reflective Mylar lining, you had to fill a whole room. You needed some seriously dedicated space in order to grow.

Today, indoor grow tents are more spacially adequate. They can fit anywhere within a small space in your home. From under the stairs, to an extra closet, the ability to grow is more available than it has ever been. Don’t worry, for those looking to grow bigger plants, you can still purchase a larger grow tent, but thats the norm. Having enough space for 1-3 plants in your home is what most growers are looking for. Not just to have their own product, but to hone their skills as professional growers!

Canna Tech Innovations In Filtration Systems

Your filtration system used to be huge. Massive carbon fiber filters and huge fans used to not only take up way too much space but also leave a large imprint on your energy bill. Not only that but good luck sleeping while running them through your bloom stage!

We certainly remember a weird time not too long ago when there were “all-in-one” filtration systems where the fan from the HPS light and filtration ducting were attached to one another. Both were running at full power to be able to accommodate for using both at the same time. The idea was, in Ricky from TRailer Park Boys words: “Getting two birds stoned at once”. Putting all the tech into one big machine seemed like a good idea at the time, but if one part failed, the whole thing fell apart. Thus having separate modules to grow became the norm.

Not only have things become less energy-consuming, and loud but they have also become smaller. Technology is advancing to the point where your fans are silent and your carbon filtration system can absorb up to 99% of all odor-causing bacteria!

Grow Lights Develop Faster Than Your First Grow

By the time you finish your first home grow, a new more advanced LED light will be hitting the market. Grow lights have seen the most optimal improvements that not only function better but save you money on your energy bill.

At first, there were HPS lights. This was the go-to for many growers who had the space to accommodate in their homes. Then came LED lights. These are more cost-effective, but there were drawbacks. The “blurple” LED lights would often hurt the user’s eyes without the proper protection, and many had fans running to cool them down.

Nowadays, we have Quantum board technology. These lights are lightweight, have better performance, have larger light diameter, and use far less energy to use.

Don’t get us wrong, using the blurple or HPS lights will still get the job done, but if you are looking to make a switch to more effective savings, then trying the newer iterations can be your best bet.

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