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Pectin is a hormone within your plant that delivers the most optimal buds. It is a natural starch that can be found within the cell walls of fruits and vegetables.

Why is this important for your big bulky buds? Well, it has something to do with what we have discussed before: Topping.

Pectin Is The Main Hormone For Bulky Buds

When your plant enters the bloom stage, the hormone is released which sends most of the nutrients straight up the main stem of the plant. This is also why the top part of your plant is where the biggest buds develop.

Typically, the first-time grower will do what they can to just get the basics, from there they will move on to more intricate growing techniques. This means that they will leave that top part of the plant intact without any alterations. Their first grow will produce the most buds at the top of the plant.

How Can You Manipulate This Hormone For Greater Results?

One way to alter and change the way your plants will grow is by topping them.

By removing the top section of your plant will send the pectin to the lower leaves. The same levels of hormones will be evenly distributed to all sections of the plant instead of just the top.

In many cases, by topping your plants, you can achieve a 30% greater yield per plant. This also means that you can grow smaller plants and have larger yields.

By having smaller plants while still producing larger yields, you can have more plants in a small space and produce more than the natural order of things.

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