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Germinating seeds is the very first step (aside from obtaining them) to growing at home. It can also be a nice practice of patience. Before you get to the big beefy buds that you are looking for, you need to start small. How small? Well, how about the size of a seed?

Germination helps your seeds sprout the necessary roots to gain nutrients. By utilizing this method, you will be able to grow bountiful crops in no time.

There are a number of ways a person can germinate their seeds. The most common way to germinate is by keeping them in a glass of room temperature water.

Germinating Seeds In A Glass Of Water

germinating seeds

There are many different approaches, but I feel the above approach works well as the above images are taken from a grow using our kit. When setting up your grow to make sure you use the best possible quality of seed. Always purchase from a reputable source and keep the strain of seed simple for your first grow.

Our recommendation is to grow an auto blooming and high-yield/low maintenance seeds like Northern Lights (For the below grow we are using a good quality Northern Lights seed!)

Germinating these seeds typically take 2-10 days. Depending on the seeds and the strains, this could even take longer.

The first time I germinated seeds I had results within 2 days. The second time that I tried this, I waited over a week. Both times I used the glass of water method and despite the wait times between each one, I was satisfied with the results.

All you need to do is simply take a regular glass from your kitchen, fill it with room temperature water and let it sit in a warm (but dark) place until you see the tail of the seed start poking out.

That’s it.

Once that is finished you can take the seed and place them in your rapid rooter.

Take a look at our video for germinating to see how the process works.