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The Budgrower Holiday Grow Kit Sale!

The Budgrower all-in-one home grow solution is proud to host its holiday sale for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday!

From now until the 29th of November check out our amazing deals!

grow kit holiday sale

What Makes The Budgrower The Perfect Gift?

Our all-in-one home grow solution provides everything you need for your first successful home grow! For those who are new to the experience, growing from home provides a number of great opportunities to learn and to take your skills to the next level! While there are a number of grow kit solutions, our kits have been developed by professionals with years of experience to specifically give the first-time grower the easiest and best results on the first try!

That’s not all, though. The amount of savings is STAGGERING.

For many individuals in the green space, the amount of money that you could be spending at your local retail or medical dispensary is astronomical. Many newcomers are forced to pay extremely high retail costs and tax rates. Owning a grow kit allows you to grow a more bountiful harvest for only a fraction of the cost!

Not only do you have the ability to save money, but growing specifically what you need in a 100% organic manner is why so many people decide to choose The Budgrower for their needs.

What Makes Us The Best?

There are a number of reasons why people choose us over the competition.

The first is our dependability and commitment to helping you grow! With our dedicated staff of professional growers, you have access to help and guides that will walk you through every step of the home-grow process. Our kits are made in America and you have the ability to contact us with any and all grow questions!

grow kit holiday sale

The second major reason why people choose us is our supplies. While most other grow tents only sell you the hardware, we sell you virtually EVERYTHING you need. We even include our very own patented California Super Soil.

Our super soil is made from a variety of valleys throughout Southern California. This is the most nutrient-enriched areas across the state! No need to research the best soils for growing, we provide it!

Check Out Our Soil Reload Kits!

The Budgrower easy-to-assemble process and a wide variety of kit sizes can accommodate any place in your house! Under the staircase, in an extra closet, or even a spare bedroom, The Budgrower all-in-one home grow kit can go anywhere!

Check Our Holiday Grow Kit Sale

Take a look at our selections and see our grow kit holiday sale to save you, even MORE time and money this holiday season! Hurry fast! This deal ends on the 29th!

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