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Growing through winter provides the most difficult challenge for many beginner growers. With Autumn now upon us and Winter soon to arrive, colder temperatures do not provide the ideal conditions to grow your favorite plants!

In Northern parts of the country, with temperatures dropping and the cost of your electric bill increasing, finding the right space or environment for growing is difficult. This is where owning an all-in-one home grow kit solution is the best way to keep your grow cycle year-round.

Growing Through Winter Outdoors Is Impossible

Unless you are trying to grow MORE snow and ice, you won’t be able to grow much else. For many full-fledged farmers, their season for growing is short and narrow. The same thing goes for people who own outdoor gardens, greenhouses and some indoor plants.

Even outside the winter months, growing outdoors can be a tricky process. With the weather ever-shifting in certain areas, you can be met with less than ideal conditions. For many, weeks of clouds and rain can put a halt on how their plants grow. On top of that, bugs, animals, and other variables outside of the controlled space can make or break your harvest.

Indoors Is The Best Way For Winter Growers!

Havings a dedicated space in your home might not provide as large quantities as outdoors, but it allows you to keep it growing! There are many different kinds of grow kits that can accommodate various spaces within the home. Each kit can fit under a stairway, in an extra closet, or in a spare bedroom.

The next big reason why so many choose to grow indoors during the colder months is that their home provides a stable environment for growing! With heating and ventilation in the home, there is no need for major adjustments. Growing indoors is, in fact, EASIER than it is for outdoors.

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