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The holiday season is here! With so many options for your friends and family, why not give them the gift that keeps on giving? No – we’re not talking about your Aunt Edna’s fruitcake – you still have the one from last year. Nobody wants that. We’re talking about The BudGrower all-in-one home grow solution!

What makes this the best holiday gift? Well, an indoor grow kit means growing ALL YEAR ROUND! So even in the dead of winter, your plants will stay lively and healthy as you learn the process!

There are a lot of grow kits on the market but The Budgrower gives you EVERYTHING you need for your first home grow.

What Makes The BudGrower The Best Grow Kit?

Most grow kits simply sell you the hardware and that’s it. Good luck calling them for assistance or growing advice. Our grow kits are designed by professionals with years of experience and will help guide you through the growers’ journey.

Let’s Talk About Specs:

  • The Industries MOST DURABLE GROW TENT  Our hduty1680D Oxford cloth exterior makes this tent extremely durable and stitching adds strength and light protection. This works to keep in 99% of all light and reduces smell.
  • Our sturdy steel frame can hold up to a whopping 250 lbs! Plenty of openings for fans/ vents/ electrical cords and a removable viewing mesh screen for viewing & removing humidity gives you the best view to see how your plants are doing!
  • Our filtration system eliminates 98.5% of all unwanted odors. The powerful fan moves air speeds up to 2550 RPM. Australian Virgin Charcoal creates an odorless experience.
  • California Super Soil: While most companies just sell you the hardware, we specialize in providing absolutely EVERYTHING necessary to start your first home grow from start to finish. Our patented soil blend consists of some of the most nutrient-enriched soils from the deepest valleys in Southern California.

The Holiday Season Is The Best Time To Gift Your Loved One The BudGrower!

The holiday season is here and what a perfect time to start your loved one on the grower’s journey! While there are so many options to choose from, The BudGrower remains the best! With our dedicated staff ready to help you learn and our complete grow guides for beginners, there is no doubt that our kits will make the perfect holiday gift!

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