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Home grow initiatives are one of the fastest-growing hobbies in America. As of now, the number of states that are changing their policies is in favor of those who are looking to grow from home is growing. Soon enough, the country will have a full-fledged shift in how it views RX and recreational gardening.

While these new policies create an entirely new industry for citizens, many are looking to take the road of learning how to do it themselves. This has led to many finding their way into home grow cultivation. While so many are searching for their new strain or how to begin the process, many others are getting turned off from the idea of how intimidating it can be.

Home Grow Projects Are Fun and Easy

In the ever-expanding world of the internet. Many can find themselves lost in a sea of information and can give up before they even begin. That is why we encourage beginner growers to take it small and slow.

By small, we typically mean 2-3 plants!

Having a small number when you start out allows you to adjust accordingly. If you start off by biting off more than you can chew, you can find yourself once again overwhelmed. By limiting your starting number to 2-3 plants it’s easier to maintain and easier to make the right adjustments for a successful harvest!

Growing Should Be Relaxing

Time and time again I will have someone contact me with everyday questions. We get it! It’s like having your first child. Once you realize how resilient they are, you learn that the second child can bounce a little.

Another instance is when someone is willing to put a lot of money into making it as hard as they can. When the task becomes too hard before you even start learning, then beginner growers can find themselves discouraged. It’s better to make this a fun project than it is to make it a challenging one. At the end of the day, nobody wants to stress, that’s not the point of enjoying the harvest!

It’s a good idea to simply take a look at how much space you have to dedicate to learning and it doesn’t take much. Neve feel overwhelmed and never take on too much!

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