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We’ve all had the issue of overwatering our plants. From our first plant to even our fourth or fifth…sometimes even eighth plant, we get too ambitious when it comes to providing care for our plants.

While we make think of giving a plant a TON of water is a good thing, too much of a good thing can create a deficit during your growth cycles.

Don’t worry, most times there is only a minor increase in water, but be careful and follow these steps to ensure your plant survives!

16 Ounces Per Day/Every Other Day

One of the biggest rules of thumb for your plants is simply providing an adequate amount of water. Our general consensus is that a plant should receive approximately 16 ounces of water per day.

Now, sometimes this might be more than enough so it’s a good idea to do a simple soil check to see if your plant is ready to take in more water.

Simply push your finger into the dirt close to the base of the plant. I typically push my finger down to the first knuckle. If it’s still wet, then hold off watering till tomorrow. If it’s dry, then that is the right time to give your plant another 16 ounces of water.

Overwatering: What To Do If Given Too Much?

Relax. A couple of times of too much water isn’t going to kill them. A good sign of overwatering is if you have been consistently watering them, and they appear droopy or sagging, then there might be too much water in there.

If it’s just a little too much water, then that’s okay, give it some time (approximately 2-3 days) before you water them again. Also, do a quick soil check to make sure the soil is drying out before you restart the watering process.