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The method of growing marijuana outside is easily accessible and a time saver for many growers. Growers prefer outdoor weed growing for various reasons, such as the availability of sunlight and less use of money due to natural settings.

As we all know, indoor growing demands a specific area, utilities, and equipment. But outdoor setup requires the power of the sun and any strain of your choice. The type of strain here depends on the climate condition.

However, before placing the right strain for outdoor growing weed, you must get to know the process of outdoor marijuana growing. In this blog, you will learn the step-by-step process of how to grow marijuana outdoors.

Why Choose Outdoor Marijuana Growing?

Here are a few reasons to choose outside growing:

Low Cost

Growers can spend little money on an outside growing system. They must provide the plants with sunlight, humidity, and clean air. Furthermore, seeds, fertilizers, soil, and pots/containers are needed for this setup. Growers do not have to pay electricity bills for air conditioners, lights, etc.

Environment Friendly

During outside growth, the sun is pivotal as the natural light source. That is why it’s less hectic and connects with nature.

Bigger Yields

Outside growing results in higher yields than indoors. Plants are accessible in this growing process and can grow as tall as the growers want. They can yield half or full pounds of dried weed from one plant.

Pleasure Activity

Growers who plant weed outside consider it the best remedy. It’s an activity that allows you to have some relaxation time.

What to Consider When Growing Marijuana OutdoorsWhat to Consider When Growing Marijuana Outdoors?

Here are some essential points to consider when growing cannabis outdoors:


Weed growth is highly dependent on the climate of any area. Extreme weather conditions make weed plants highly susceptible. If the temperature exceeds 85°F, weed plants can stop growing.

On the other hand, if the temperature drops below 55°F, plants can die due to stunted growth. During flowering, weeds can mold due to high wind, heavy moisture, and rain. Here is the temperature range in certain weather conditions:

Growing marijuana outside in the cold: 60-75°F

Growing marijuana outside in the heat: 75-85°F


Weed plants usually need 6-12 hours of full sunlight; midday sunlight is considered high-quality. As the season falls, the sunlight gets lower for plants. However, growers can identify this condition in autumn to stop triggering plants.


Plants can grow quickly if exposed to continuous high winds in hot weather. Further, If plants are growing in a windy area, then they can be fenced off.


Always protect your plants from thieves and neighbors in terms of privacy and security. Weed plants can be protected by fencing off plants with bushes or other fences.

Types of Spaces for Outdoor Growing

The space where the weed grows can affect its height up to 10 feet. That is why growers focus on different options for species suitable for their plants. Here are a few types of areas that can be the best for outdoor growing:


The balcony is the best space to provide full and direct sunlight and strong winds.


Like a balcony, a roof is an excellent option for plants to get good sunlight and wind.


A garden plot is considered a popular method for outdoor growing.

Steps to Grow Marijuana OutdoorsSteps to Grow Marijuana Outdoors

Here are the five easy steps to grow marijuana outside:

1. Seed Germination

Experienced growers always focus on selecting the right weed seeds. Because these strains can really protect plants from pests and mold.

The seed germination process needs water and warmth for several days. If the seeds are hard, they will take more time to germinate.

First, take a wet paper towel and place the seed in it. Then, fold the paper towel, taking care of the delicate roots. Now, dip the seeds in a cup of water and let them soak overnight. Seeds without spouted roots will now be placed. Now place the seed in a hole and add water to start germination.

2. Seeds Planting

After seed germination, the next step is planting. In this method, seeds are planted in a pot with a growth medium. Then, they are placed in a small hole with soil with limited oxygen. Finally, water is sprayed on the soil to moisturize it. After some time, seedlings will grow.

3. Plants Caring

During the growing process, the plant’s nature can be easily identified. Weed plants need essential nutrients such as magnesium, sulfur, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. And with the passage of time, the nature and amount of these nutrients change. That is why it must be ensured the plants get sufficient minerals.

Furthermore, plants must be cared for by avoiding overwatering. Also, keep a regular check on the fungal attacks on the plants. If the damaged parts of plants are cut down, it will also be good for plant health.

4. Harvesting

Once the weed’s white hair-like pistils turn brown and dry up, it is ready to harvest. If 70% of the pistils turn brown, you can decide to harvest the plant. Then, you can cut down the branches or stems.

Indica strains can be harvested after eight weeks, while sativa strains can be after ten weeks.

If a plant is trimmed before drying, it is called wet trimming. But If trimming is done after drying, it is known as dry trimming.

5. Drying and Curing

After harvesting, hang down the plants and let the air circulate. The plants will start drying, which can take 1-3 months.

Remember! Plants can lose their green color and weight as well during the drying. But you can prevent it by using a container without any air exchange.

Common Mistakes While Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Here are some common mistakes made while outdoor weed growing:

  1. Wrong Seed Germination
  2. Bad Planning
  3. Bad Growing Medium
  4. Acidity
  5. Overwatering
  6. Heat
  7. Pesticides

Wrap Up

The outdoor setup for outdoor growing weed depends on many conditions, such as space, weather, and climate. It requires a lot of care and time for the best growth experience. The most important aspect is your experience of outdoor weed growing. It means knowing what your plant needs. This blog, containing all the necessary knowledge, can improve your growing skills and produce high yields.