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Knowing how to grow weed in your closet is easier today than it ever was. While tools and products are evolving to make life easier, the concept has maintained a simple yet more effective approach.

With more states legalizing, the avenues for innovative growing methods have increased exponentially. Instead of the old days where you had to run a covert and sneaky grow operation in your basement, now we have the ability to have full, effective kits that can fit anywhere in the house. Each kit provides enough space to handle the legal limits on the number of plants that you are allowed to have.

Growing at home is an extremely fun experience. For both medical and recreational purposes, the pursuit to grow your own cannabis is a driving force for many.

Growing in your home or closet is a simple process. All you need is your tent, lights, filters/fans and soil.

The Tent for Growing Weed in Closet

The first thing to do is set up your Budgrower tent. There are a number of sizes that our tents come in. Even our largest tents can fit under the stairs or within your closet. We provide first time users with the ability to grow easily with great results on their first harvest.

Setting up the poles and then placing the tent around it is just as easy as setting up a small camping tent. You simply need to put the poles in the right slots and pull the tent over it.

The Lights for Closet Weed Growing

Depending on which kit you purchased, there are a number of different lights. For HPS and LED, things can differ. We put together a quick explanation for both!

One of the biggest misconceptions for growing is to measure from the ground to the light. This is a mistake that many beginner growers make. The best way to set your light is to measure from the top of the plant to light itself. So when we address the measurements – no matter which light – the key point is to measure from the top of the plant.

HPS – Are they good for growing weed in a closet?

HPS lights produce a lot more heat than LED lights. With the extra heat being given off, it is important that you maintain the proper height measurements throughout your grow. We put together a good “rule of thumb” for growing with these specific lights.

Our 150 Watt HPS lights cover a 2×2 area. Again, by measuring from the top of your plant to the light, our typical height requirement for these lights is 8-12 inches.

LED – Are they a good option to grow weed in a closet?

LED lights produce sunlight without the added heat. This allows you to use the full spectrum with a decreased risk of burning your plant. While using these lights, the proper height can be tricky to determine. One of the biggest mistakes that beginner growers make when using LED’s is to not worry about the height due to their lack of heat. This isn’t the case. Almost opposite to the HPS lights, the LED lights should be further away.

With our 600 Watt LED lights, you should keep them at 24 inches from the top of your plants.

How To Grow Weed in a Closet With The Right Soil

Super Soil Basics

Super soil sits at the bottom of your planting pot. This is where your plants receive the most nutrients. When a seed begins to sprout, the roots will instinctively work down towards these areas. That being said, the plant needs to have the richest most nutritional soil to be the best.

In a natural ecosystem, the best place to plant crops is at the base of valleys. All the sediment and nutrients run down the steep slopes of the mountains and into the valleys. This is where agriculture started and this is the same method that we use today. Fortunately, in our time of technological advancements, we are able to harness the same nutritional values that our ancestors used! Once you get your soil ready, it will be time to plant.


Topsoil is where you plant your seeds. It’s all in the name. Place this soil on TOP of the hot soil. This is also where you will be planting your first seeds! Having the right topsoil makes a big difference.

For the best topsoil, we suggest using Foxfarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil.

Miracle Grow And “Bud Boosters”

Many beginners make the mistake of using Miracle Grow and Nutrients Enhancers. We strongly recommend you DO NOT use these when you are learning the ropes. Here’s why:

Miracle Grow is great for your outdoor plants. From grass to flowers, this stuff has everything necessary to make a garden look nice. Unfortunately, the same nutrients that are enhanced through Miracle Grow are not as compatible with cannabis as many would think. Using this in replacement of more effective methods has the potential to be devastating to first-time growers.

Nutrient additives – you’ve seen them at the store. They swear to guarantee your grow will be bigger than ever. Again, this is something that you do not want to get roped into. While it may seem like a good idea to give your plants an extra “boost”, the results can be more harmful. For starters, the core of growing cannabis correctly starts with traditional methods. Once you learn the method, you can make minor changes to how you want the process to go. Secondly, adding the nutrients typically means you have to cut back on something else. This is usually the water that your plants need. In order for you to add these boosters, you need to cut back on water or else you will drown the plants.

These reasons are why we always suggest simply using great Hot Soil. They have everything you need and will not mess up the learning process.

How To Grow Weed in a Closet The Easy Way

In order to grow weed the right way, you can check out our grow kits and soil reloads