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Medical home grow is making leaps and bounds amongst cannabis trends of 2020. This is the result of a multitude of factors – namely the current pandemic. Aside from staying indoors, high retail costs and long drive times are impacting thousands of MMJ cardholders across the country.

Prior to the events of COVID-19, MMJ cardholders in rural areas have been facing a harsh dilemma. While many are struggling to have access to medical marijuana (which would help alleviate many of the nation’s current opioid problems), others who have obtained their cards are finding the issues of long drive times and high prices to be a major deterrent.

One of the most common ailments stems from chronic pain. For those who suffer from chronic pain, these long drive times can have serious consequences. While prescription painkillers are accessible to most people (even to those without a car), being able to get to a medical dispensary is far more challenging. In rural states such as New Hampshire, one of the biggest issues for regulating medical cannabis has simply been a lack of education. While many states have set up effective medical marijuana programs, the Granite State seems to be lacking in both effective practices and, in general, the ability to care about its citizens.

Chronic pain is just that – chronic pain. Whether it be caused by lime disease or by other means, it should still fall under what many states regard as “chronic pain”. This is just for those looking to get their MMJ card.

What happens when someone finally obtains their MMJ card? Well, then they have to pay the high retail price for a legalized industry. Once an MMJ cardholder finally gets to a medical dispensary, they often take one look at the price say “well, I drove all this way here, I have to make this trip worth it.” make their first purchase then go straight back to their “black market” buddy.

These two factors are the major reason why so many are making the switch to medical home grow. These initiatives give peace of mind to many who are currently suffering from painful ailments. Not to mention the amount of money saved with each harvest could change the game entirely.

On average, those to switch to home grow methods save 90% of what they would have paid at the store. This leaves many to actually have a beneficial switch to the dangers of the prescription opiate market that currently grips the country.

For the year of 2020, this is one of the most drastic shifts within the industry. While many are still looking to save money and travel less, growing from home provides more than just the luxury of having your own medical cannabis on hand.

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