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Indoor tents are quickly becoming a popular item for 2020. A number of reasons attribute themselves to the cause, but for many, the thought of home grow operations are providing a beneficial opportunity for medical patients and recreational users!

The industry has taken some massive shifts since the start of the year (and the start of COVID19). While many have put their savings into a new store in their neighborhood, the results from the current global pandemic have limited their ability to 50% capacity or flat-out closed. For those who have put their lives on the line to start a new business, the impact has been devastating.

So what happens when your local retail dispensary or medical dispensary has closed their doors for an undetermined amount of time? Well, the answer is to grow from home!

Across the 11 states that have legalized (and soon to be more) at-home cultivation, many are making the switch to take the process into their own hands. These first-time growers are finding that they are saving a significant amount of money versus spending it at their local retail outlet.

Growing from home has its major benefits. For recreational users, the ability to have their supply whenever they need is a major plus. On top of that, they not only have much more than they originally thought they would but at a much lower cost.

On the other side of the spectrum, let’s take a look at medical patients. In many of the rural states and those that are still in the process of developing their state’s industry, the spread of local shops is few and far between. With chronic pain being one of the major reasons why people get their medical cards, having to drive upwards of an hour or more one way is a challenge in and of itself. The process to grow from home provides a more comfortable and effective way for a patient to receive the proper levels of cannabis and they have the ability to produce it the way that they like!

Indoor tents are becoming one of the most popular items within the industry. Users now have the ability to take things to a new level in both consumption and cultivation. This eliminates many of the common problems for both medical users and recreational users alike.