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Best Autoflowering Strains for Beginners

Autoflowers are a great way for a beginner grower to yield the best results for their first time. While trial and error has been a staple for many looking to start their own home grow adventures, today we have multiple resources to figure out the best way to grow right from the start.

This ain’t your dad’s seeds. Today, there is a wide variety of seeds to choose from. Each one carefully bred to give consumers a better buzz or simply for relaxation and pain relief. For many first time growers, the answer to knowing which seeds to buy is simple: Autoflowers.

What are autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowers are a mix of Indica and Sativa that can grow well in colder temperatures. These strains have come from the cold arid locations in Russia. Many use these due to their ability to grow automatically (hence auto) and it takes a short time (typically 7-8 weeks).

While Autoflowers won’t give you tree-sized plants, their small size makes them perfect for those looking to start growing in their basement, under their stairs, or even in a vacant closet. Their small size is the perfect height for those not looking to fill their back yard with a number of plants and can be relatively low-key and stealthy.

How long does an autoflower seed take to reach harvest?

These plants grow fast. Due to the nature of the plant and the location of where it originated from, the growing cycles of the natural area means that the plant had to develop fast in order to survive. Now, remove the plants from its natural habitat and putting it into a grow tent will give you the same speed and yield positive results! The fast grow-time also means this is a good plant for engineering your own hybrids (but that is for a later time).

Growing multiple batches a year is also an advantage for beginners. While the plant itself may not lend itself to the high THC content as other seeds, these plants can generate what beginners are typically looking for. Having multiple yields a year is a leg up for anyone looking to grow their own medication or to simply learn the skills necessary to grow bigger and better buds.

While many seasoned veterans of the game have gone through the long process of trial and error, many beginners are finding it easier than ever to grow in the comfort and safety of their own homes. While Autoflowers might not be the biggest and best buds that deliver the highest levels of THC, they are perfect for those who are looking to get the hang of things. These seeds provide the best stepping stones and learning experiences in order to move onto more effective growing techniques!

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