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Purchasing expensive plants can create an unwanted amount of stress. Fortunately, with grow kits now available, indoor gardeners and first-time growers can do more to help keep their plants healthy.

As technology increases so do the savings. Imagine having a one-of-a-kind plant in your home. With grow kits available there are ways to multiply the savings!

Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive plants on the market and take note of how you can save by switching to the home-grow method.

Most Expensive Plants

Variegated Monstera

expensive plants

Imagine having a plant worth more than the average income of US citizens. While this plant offers a visually stunning appearance, it is meant for only the most elevated collectors. With a price tag of $38,000 USD, this plant comes in as one of the highest and rarest on the market.

Bonsai Trees

bonsai tree

A staple within plant care culture. The artistry that goes into maintaining a Bonsai tree has been developed over hundreds of years by professionals. The interesting feature of the Bonsai tree is its ability to live virtually forever if in the right caring hands. While you may pay a price at your local nursery, it fails in comparison to some of these trees on the market. In fact, an 800-year-old Bonsai tree was just sold for $1.2 million dollars!

Man-Made Orchids

expensive plants

Orchids are far and away one of the most premier plants. Orchids give off a variety of nuance. One, in particular, The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid, is the first-ever grown in a lab. The process took over 8 years of development. One of the key pieces that make this particular orchid so rare is that it only blooms every 5 years. It was auctioned off at $224,000 in 2005.

Monstera Obliqua

expensive plants

Now, it might not make sense to grow a plant that doesn’t produce full leaves, but that’s the point. These plants are so rare that taking care of them is almost a full-time job in and of itself. The real fact is that in order for a plant to survive it needs to be cared for. This plant is one of the most delicate to care for which leaves it to only the best and the brightest plant caregivers. It is the ultimate challenge for growers. This plant was sold for $23,000 USD.

Alocasia Azlanii

Now, this plant is far less expensive than the rest of the ones we’ve listed above. But it makes for one of the most appealing plants that still ranks high in terms of cost. Each plant is roughly $100-$700 USD. What makes them so appealing is the unnatural coloring that not only marks itself distinctively but also vibrantly. See, the plant itself is a dark green but the veins within the plant maintain a bright pink hue that not only creates an accentuating feature but really puts this plant a cut above the rest.

Anthurium Crystallinum

Another plant has enthusiasts pulling out their wallets. Anthurium Crystallinum has a very distinct style and poise to it. The plant isn’t the rarest by far, but it can potentially set you back a fair $100-$200 USD in order to have one.  While it’s not a status symbol, it still falls just outside of the average grower’s budget.

Pink Princess

Pink princess is a plant that increases in value due to the number of leaves. A small plant with 1-2 leaves fetches a pretty hefty price tag of $200-$300 dollars! That being said, the plant in the above picture can sell for over $1000. Why is it so expensive? In terms of popularity, they are likes by all growers. From influencers to Avante-guard growers, this plant turns heads!

Philodendron Tortum

expensive plants

This plant is explosive. By explosive, we mean that it has the ability to outgrow large spaces if given enough time and care. In order to do that it needs a tremendous level of care. This is why this plant is put at $400 dollars per small plant. Large enough versions can be sold in the thousands!

Expensive Plants are a Hard Start Up, But Worth It

There are reasons why these people purchase highly sought after or incredibly rare plants. Yes, the time it takes to take care of them or the overall cost is astounding, but the results can actually save you money.

Cloning these plants can be extremely hard but can give you thousands of extra dollars. By taking a cutting one plant and creating an entirely new plant, you can continue to make recurring income. So yes, the overall investment may be hard on your wallet, but there are people willing to put down massive increments of money in order to obtain just one of these plants!

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