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Gardening can be difficult for people who haven’t quite yet earned their green thumb. That’s okay! We all have to start somewhere. For those just starting out, the best method is always trying to find the easiest vegetables to grow! Do you think farmers picked some obscure and rare vegetables to learn how to grow? NO WAY! They picked something like lettuce or corn.

Well, this article is for you – a first-time grower. Here are the best plants to grow if you are just starting out. Most of these you would have already guessed, but here they are anyway!


easiest vegetables

We all know that lettuce is basically just water in leaf form. With lettuce seeds sold virtually everywhere, the ability to grow them is as simple as heading to your local home and garden retailer.  There are a number of different subtypes of lettuce as well. With so many options your dinner table won’t feel repetitive!

The best time to plant your seeds is either Spring or Fall. As the vegetable is a relatively cold weather plant!

Green Beans

There is an old saying:

“If you have bad seeds and good soil, you’ll be able to grow quality plants. If you have good seeds and bad soil your plants won’t grow at all!”

This goes for green beans. Green beans simply require a half-decent growing medium. A nice soil will do all the work for these guys to end up in your garden. For many first-timers, this is the perfect start as you can grow a rather large quantity while maintaining enough space in their garden for other vegetables!


Give peas a chance! They are the ultimate “set it and forget it” veggie. All you need to do is make sure your soil isn’t too compressed, plant your seed, water, and give it plenty of light. These guys are so easy to grow that children learn how to grow them in 1st grade! No worries, they don’t have gardens like yourself, but that’ll only be a matter of time until you’re showing them the best tips for peas!


easiest vegetables

These are some of the fastest-growing vegetables out there. Beginner growers can often find the right results within 24 days. Less than a month! From there you simply need to have good soil, water daily and have good light.

Easiest Vegetables For Your Garden

These veggies are some of the easiest on the market and only require the basic necessities to have success!

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