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Having the right soil means having a good first grow for many beginners. While there are many options to boost your first grow, nothing beats the impact of a good super soil.

For beginners, it’s important to get the process done the right way. If you take too many extra steps or simply add things the wrong way, it can hamper your ability to learn and more importantly will not give you the results that you are looking for.

For starters, the right super soil will give you the perfect mix of nutrients without the risk of over saturation your plants or cutting them off from vital supplements.

This is why Cali Hot Soil is the best soil to use.

We begin by sourcing the highest quality nutrients mother earth has to offer. We add these to our steam blown base soil to increase purity. The mix is then fermented for approximately four months so that the nutrients and the soil can properly bond ensuring that the good stuff can actually work for your plants. Finally, most soils are turned by machines in a warehouse. Not Cali Hot Soil—our soil is hand turned by farmers with an intimate knowledge of how things grow best.

While there are many additives that you can use that will “boost” your plant’s growth, many of them will work against your best interests.  If all you need is to water your plants, then you don’t need anything to help! One of the largest beginner mistakes is using these. While you want to learn how to grow the best plants the right way the first time, using these methods can only work against the learning process.

It’s better to take the necessary steps when learning to make a number of unnecessary steps. That is why we suggest Cali Hot Soil in order to get the job done!


For more information in regards to growing your plants, check out the video here:

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