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Rick Naya is one of the founding fathers of hybrid cannabis. Since the early days of growing, Rick has been creating hybrid seeds to create better experiences for growers and users alike.

The cannabis industry might be new to the US, but let’s be real, prior to legalization almost everyone who grew was running a low-key operation in their basement or shed. Now that each state is relaxing its measures on laws for cannabis possession and use, the idea for both recreational users and medical patients to grow their own without persecution is becoming popular – especially during America’s struggle against COVID-19.

One of the most prominent trends within the industry this year has been home grow methods. Now that states are legalizing, this means that they can create new and innovative methods that improve the quality of users for both recreational and medical use.

One of the most prominent figures within the industry is Rick Naya. From his early days of experimenting with hybrid genetics to becoming the most prominent figures within the legalization community, Rick has experience over most seasoned veterans.

We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions in regards to tips for beginners and what he uses to grow the best buds!

Rick, Lets talk tips and tricks, throughout your career as one of the first to hybridize plants, what have you found to work and what have you found that doesn’t quite live up to your quality?

rick naya

How about soil?

When using soils I prefer mixing my own fully living soil mixtures. When left to a standard choice mine is preferably FoxFarm Froggy and Oceanic mixed with ProMix XP, a cup of mycrozene a bag of earthworm casting, blood meal, and feather meal along with a top dressing of diatomaceous earth to help combat any possible contaminants the soils may have in them and allowing any to enter or escape. I also add plant microbes to help with the soil conditioning, most typically either Super Thrive or Mammoth P.

Soil vs Hydroponics: Which do you prefer and why?

When growing for Cannabis Cup Awards I chose living soils over hydroponics. When choosing to grow larger-scale operations I go with hydroponics due to the quickness cannabis can grow with hydroponics in the properly regulated manner and conditions.

Is growing from home easy for beginners?

Rick Naya: I have to say, with the proper equipment and instructions it can be very affordable and easy for a home enthusiast to maintain a healthy hobby of high-grade cannabis from the privacy of your home. The very most important factor I share is the KISS principle, DO NOT overwater and or add too many soil conditioners, they can be top dressed and watered into the soil when needed. The biggest issues beginners face is overwatering and not enough light or air circulation and fresh air in and old air out, temp controls no cO2. There is a balance of air, water sun, food, and media. keep all 5 in balance and you’ll become a happy home farmer in no time.

Let’s talk about pests: What methods have you found that keeps them at
bay? I have always grown in a medical-grade fashion indoors knowing microbes and pests can ruin cannabis very quickly. Cleanliness is by far the very most important factor when growing cannabis indoors and keeping all areas and walkways and paths leading to the growing area and surrounding it very very clean and in a medical-grade manner. I always make sure no animals or outside interference occurs within the growing areas to avoid cross-contamination of pests or microbes.

What advice can you give to someone who just put together their kit and is ready to grow?

Rick Naya: After following all the instructions use a wipe or a cleaning solution to hyper-clean every pole, wall, light, timer, bucket, floors, ceilings, and outside as well, CLEAN the entire area thoroughly to avoid any form of contamination leaving the area spotless at all times, not even a leaf left on the ground! SPOTLESS AT ALL TIMES!

Let’s talk about activism: You are one of the most iconic cannabis activists in the New England area and throughout the rest of the country. What is it like to be able to reach out to a wide spectrum of businesses, activists, and consumers throughout the cannabis community?

Tough question, transcending the full spectrum of the cannabis arena as I call it, is very humbling and rewarding in many ways. I have after many many years been able to transcend the ages by staying young at heart and young at the mind as well as my body and spirit through the understanding of the 4 fundamental foundations of cannabis. Health and Wellness and Love and Compassion. Understanding these 4 principles has allowed me to use my voice in a common-sense every day person’s language and traverse the political spectrum with educated science and advanced reasoning. I have championed my peers with humanity and integrity knowing we were creating history. People listen to themselves deeply when you allow them to speak truthfully and profoundly about something they have a passion for. I reach the masses with raw LOVE and Compassion for life and our fellow cannabis arena in hopes to leave a legacy of love for the world to remember and to share with one another.

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