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The dutch growing system is one of the most effective forms of growing and has been used for decades. For many first-time growers, the thought of growing year-round is a blessing. But how do you effectively keep the system going in order to maintain optimal production?

The Dutch Growing System Is Perfect For Small Growing

Developed in the Netherlands during the ’60s and ’70s, the system was meant to grow optimal production in small spaces. As cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam are pretty tight on space, growers had to think of how to optimize their growing space.

What they found was the by utilizing a conveyor belt system, they could grow up to one pound every 2 months.

How It Works

The setup is easy, with so little space, the total production of up to 1 pound of product can be obtained.

For starters, you need two grow spaces. They don’t have to be large and depending on your state’s guidelines and plant development regulations, some can grow more and some can grow less, but all-in-all let’s say the average is 6 plants.

Back in the day, you needed quite a bit more space than you need today, but here’s how it works:

You will need a 4×4 space and a 3×3 OR 2×4 space.

The 4×4 Tent is for VEG

The vegetative stage allows for 4 plants to grow without any space restrictions. This will be where the bulk of the work is done. Once you have two plants that are ready to be moved into the bloom tent, simply have two more plants ready to go in the veg tent. This will allow for the continuous cycling of plants.

The 3×3 Tent For Bloom

The x3 tent for bloom is going to be where you finish your growth and harvesting. While the rest of the plants are building themselves up, the other plants will be ready for harvesting and cultivation.

Once you have completed those steps, the cycle continues. Take the finished product out of the tent, move the next two plants into the bloom tent, and cycle two more into the veg tent. This allows for no breaks in between the system and allows you to grow up to a full pound every two months!


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