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Fertilizer is important for all plants. No matter what you may be growing, from tomatoes to green beans to even your recreational products, the right fertilizer will give you everything you need for a larger harvest. When choosing the right fertilizer, here is what you should look out for.

Fertilizer Ratios

In order to have the right chemistry regarding your plants, the amount of nutrients alternates during each growing cycle. Overall there are 3 numbers on each bag that you should look out for:

You will notice these numbers X:X:X. They are called NPK ratios: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium


In the early stages, such as the vegetative stage, you will want higher Nitrogen numbers. Typically a 1:3:2 ratio for nutrients will help your pants green-up and out. Nitrogen helps produce greener stems and keeps your plants healthy. This is important during the veg stage when your plants are in their young stage/ teenage stage.


Phosphorous helps develop the root structure of your plant. The further and deeper your root structure, the more nutrients can be absorbed into the plant system. This is the 3rd number on the bag.

Phosphorous deficiencies are notable in small root structures and underdeveloped plants. Make sure your numbers are correct when searching for the right nutrients.


This nutrient is the auxiliary booster for your plants. This is mostly for the bloom stage. When your plants are ready to switch to the 12/12 light cycle and develop their bud structures, it’s best to switch the nutrients.

From here on out you want to have a fertilizer that reads 0:3:3. By removing the nitrogen your buds will stop developing the green and healthy stalks, and put all of their energy into developing its buds.

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