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Growing from home is quickly becoming the best way for recreational and medical users to have what they need. With growing technology ever advancing to more optimal and energy-efficient ways, not only are people learning the value of indoor gardening, but they are drastically saving money!

Growing From Home Provides 90% Savings Versus Retail Costs

Let’s face it. We’ve all gone to our local retail store in hopes of finding a good deal, but when you get there you are faced with massive tax hikes and retail fees. It costs money to operate a store. Why not save on what they charge you and start doing it yourself?

Heck, the majority of the upcharge is because they are paying for someone to sell you a product that you already know you like.

When looking a the cost of retail. the average price for an eighth of “you-know-what” typically falls between $55-$60.

That’s outrageous.

By growing from home, you can see that the average cost for an eighth goes all the way down to less than 80 cents.

This is all because you are doing it yourself.

The Average Quantity Of DIY Production

For a single plant, you can produce up to 5 whole ounces. If a single ounce is produced for 80 cents then we multiply that by 5 then we get $4/ounce. That is just for one single plant.

In many states, citizens can grow up to 6 plants at a time. This means that the general cost for growing is $20 dollars. That’s less than have of one trip to the store.

The overall cost of production is literally pennies in comparison to buying from your local retail store. It’s not a wonder that so many people are choosing to grow from home now that their state has elected for more common-sense policies.

With the cost so low, isn’t it time to make the switch?

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