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Growing from home is taking the country by storm. With so many states now pursuing legalization, the ability of self reliance is now worth the wait – especially when it comes to obtaining your own recreational plants. The savings are bar-none one of the best you can do! Let’s take a look.

Growing From Home Gives You Experience

With new laws comes the ability to learn by yourself. In states that have recently legalized (such as Virginia and New York), the legal market is still taking its time getting itself together. For those looking to break into a new and emerging industry, the ability to grow from the safety of your own home gives growers the knowledge to emerge as high-profile hires in America’s new gold rush.

The good news is that once these bills are passed, Many have taken the initiative to learn the basic skills necessary to land a job. Many of which have turned to marijuana grow kits to experience the full-scale growing performance required to do the job. This means that many individuals can learn how to grow before anything starts, thus being ready for an emerging industry is the key to success.

It Saves You So Much Money

Many retail centers will sell you their products for almost double what it was prior to legalization. With the increase in taxes and retail costs, the ability to grow from home saves you money. The basic seed will cost you around $40 per pack of ten. Baby to teenage clones can cost you anywhere between $10 to $30 dollars if you find quality ones.  Let’s look at the numbers:

For one plant, you can obtain up to 5 ounces. The cost for one ounce on the national scale is around $230 – but if you grew it from home you will only spend up to $30. That is just for one single plant. Now if you have two plants, then double that cost and you are still making extreme savings!

It Allows You To Grow What You Want The Way They Want It

For a lot of users, the selection at your local retail shop is determined by popularity. They want to sell the best products that most people want. What if your specific strain isn’t on that list? Well, the best thing that you can do is grow from your own home.

Growing from home allows the grower to fully understand the process and allows them to dictate what they grow and how they grow it. On the other side of the spectrum, laws and regulations follow very closely tobacco laws. This means that what you buy might not always be 100% organic. With COVID-19 a lot of industries had to match their demand by cutting corners, but you, the grower, don’t have to!

The Time Spent Growing Is Worth It

For many, the option to learn a new skill or to obtain their desired product has always been dictated by laws, regulations, and popularity. For the average grower, they can skip all of these steps in order to simply get what they want. It can take up to 3 months for your first harvest, but the endgame,e is so much more worth it once you see the results!

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