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Grow lights are always evolving to save growers time and money. With so many innovations, what makes a grow light valuable? Let’s take a look!

Grow Lights Have Evolved A Long Way

Who remembers heat lamps? I do. I remember taking my old heat lamp after my pet lizards passed away and using them for… different purposes. They were big, bulky, and would jack up my energy bill by a pretty large amount. This was the start.  Back in the 70’s most growers would use these to give their plants optimal heat and light, but since then the industry and innovative technology have changed.

HPS Lights

These lights are some of the best on the market. Especially for those looking to germinate their seeds. HPS lights are what heat lamps used to be, but more energy-efficient while providing heat inside of a grow tent or small grow space. At 150 watts, these lights still remain top dog when it comes to optimizing a grow room.

The best benefit from these lights is temperature control. Many people in the Northern parts of the country are limited to only a short period of time for growing. Not anymore! These lights provide enough heat in colder temperatures and help regulate the environment of the grow tent!

“Blurple” LED Lights

While not as heat-producing as HPS lights, they do the job by providing a regulated light spectrum for different parts of your grow cycle. The vegetative stage requires stable blue and white lighting, while the bloom/flowering stage requires a red light spectrum. Most of these lights have switches on the back to help growers manually transition their plants between stages.

The other benefit is how much you save on energy. While the original heat lamps would run your electricity bill through the roof, these lights provide what is required without breaking the bank! Technology continues to develop to make these better for consumers and growers and will do this in the coming years!

Quantum Board LED Lights – The Best Grow Lights For The Money!

With grow light technology ever-changing and innovating, the ability to save growers money on their home grow adventures is staggering. Nowadays, most first-time and beginner growers choose quantum board LED. They are cost-efficient not only for your energy bill, but they don’t break the bank when you purchase one!

These lights provide the optimal light spectrum for both veg and flowering stages. They are lightweight and durable. They also don’t utilize fans to keep them cool. Instead, they use heat sync to maintain the light temperature! This means that your grow space is as quiet as a mouse and doesn’t create any humming or buzzing.

Innovation Will Continue To Change

From here on out, the evolution of grow lights will continue to develop into better spectrums of income saving and noise reduction. All while maintaining the optimal light efficiency for your plants!

For more information in regards to setting up your LED Light, check out the video here:

@thebudgrowershop A quick set up tutorial for one of our Flexstar LED grow lights included in many of our kits!! #growlight #led #ledlighting #ledgrow #flexstarledgrowlight #thebudgrower #greenthumb #foru #remix ♬ original sound - The Bud Grower
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