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Home grow kits are suddenly becoming the hot choice for many beginner and first-time growers. The ability to grow in one’s home is not only a peaceful and harmonious experience but also one that can be educational and rewarding. Whatever your reasons for purchasing a home grow kit, probably one of first things a potential new grower looks at is the amount of space they have to dedicate to the task.

Keeping In A Warm Dry Space

Many homeowners have a lot of space dedicated to their growing experience. With so many options, some places are better suited than others.

Here are some of the best places to store your cannabis grow kit:

Spare Closet

Many homes have that one closet that isn’t being utilized to its fullest potential. For many first-time growers, this is the perfect spot to place your tent.  Many tents come in a 2×2 size to sit perfectly within the confines of your closet. Not to mention that your closet can provide the optimal temperature and humidity.

Under The Staircase

Many homes have extra storage space under the stairs. For many with a green thumb, this provides a great spot for your first home grow. Often these spaces go overlooked and have the ability to conceal your grow in an efficient manner.

In A Spare Bedroom

Spare bedrooms are the best place for your grow tent. With a range of tent sizes to choose from, a space bedroom can provide all the space necessary to grow your first indoor garden. On top of that, most rooms in a home have the same temperature and humidity regulations as most living quarters inside the house.

Impractical Places For Home Grow Kits

While a home can provide a lot of space. There are certain areas within the home that might not be the best fit if you are looking to grow healthy plants.

Let’s take a look at how some places might not provide the best results


While the basement might provide the most optimal space for growing in the home, the conditions are often non-regulated. Meaning AC/heating elements more than likely will not reach this area. In states that have long winters, this rings especially true. The average temperature during the winter months is only slightly warmer than the outside. There are alternatives, though. You could easily purchase a small space heater, but once again, it might not be enough.


Much like the basement, central air conditioning typically does not reach this location in the house. During the Summer months, this can be devastating for plants. While, again, the space may be enough to house your plants, the conditions aren’t typically adequate for growing. Attics may be warm, but they sure are musty and damp.


We put this in the due to most garages not containing any sort of temperature control elements. Unless the space is also heated/cooled during the extreme months, the garage pretty much stays at the outside temperature. Not good for either the Summer or Winter months depending on where you live.