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A carbon filtration system is a key component for growing safely within the confines of your home. Many first-time and beginner home gardeners can have optimal results utilizing a system for removing odor-causing bacteria.  A single carbon filter can help your home smell fresh, keep your nosey neighbors out of the way and regulate the environment within your grow tent!

carbon filtration system

A Carbon Filtration System Removes Odors

One of the most common issues that indoor growers have is the smell that their plants might emit during their endeavors. While most homeowners can deal with this issue fairly easily, those who do not live in a house with the appropriate space benefit from utilizing a filtration system greatly.

Although many states allow you to grow in your place of residence, that doesn’t necessarily stop your neighbors from complaining about odors. This is the most optimal situation for growers – growing in an apartment. Whether you have upstairs neighbors or roommates who do not approve of such odors a filtration device will help cut 99.9% of all the smells out of the process.

How The Process Works

A carbon filter is designed to fit inside your grow tent. Using a small amount of ducting, the filter then attaches itself to the fan. When the fan is activated, the air inside the tent is pulled through the carbon filter, the charcoal interior will then filter any odor-causing bacteria and safely contain it. What is left is clean filtered air that will blow out of the tent and into either your home OR if you have another ducting hose, you can set it up to lead out a spare window in your house. This is the most practical and common way that many utilize a filtration system and can eliminate almost all of the smell.

Utilizing A Filtration System To Regulate Grow Tent Environment

Another key feature that a carbon filter and fan will help with is regulating the temperature inside of your grow tent. Depending on where you live, Summer can be quite the hot season. Having circulated air is an important function within the grow tent. A carbon filter and fan can help maintain an accurate and stable environment by pulling not just that bacteria and odor-causing air out of the tent, but in many areas, it can also help remove the hot air.

This is why so many utilize a carbon filter system in their home grow endeavors. This is also why include it in our home grow kits!

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