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Indoor cultivation has been given the go-ahead in states that are currently legalizing. With new laws and regulations being put into place at the current time, many homeowners are jumping into the game ahead of their retail counterparts.

Why is Indoor Cultivation Suddenly Booming?

Well, for starters, for states that have recently or are currently legalizing, the ability for those to grow from the safety and comfort of their home is more readily available.

This is due in part to retail outlets now having the ability to start. Now, the many that are jumping into the retail game fighting tooth and nail for their licensing to be approved as well as finding locations that will be permitted. This takes time. While many are excited about their state’s new endeavors, the resulting ability to grow from home is more available.

Since each state has decided to legalize, home grow initiatives were permitted almost immediately. This meant that anyone who was looking to grow their own cannabis was permitted to within their state’s guidelines. This also put them ahead of the game when it came to retail operations opening up.

Why are so many making the switch?

Home Grow Cultivation Is Easy And Affordable

By now, other states have caught on to the legislative patterns. In places like California and Colorado, the process was simple: give people the product and tax it like crazy. Mix that with the general cost of living and that eighth you bought from your buddy down the street for $35 bucks is now $50-60 dollars. That’s a high price for just an eighth – something we’ve all been buying for a while.

For those looking to either learn how to grow in their own homes or for those who have been doing despite their state’s current laws, the ability is now available. This not only provides the user with what they specifically want, but it does so in a far more effective and cost-efficient manner.

While the average cost for an eight can now run you anywhere between $50 to even up to $100 dollars, the ability to grow even just two plants in your home will give you far greater amounts for much less the cost.

For the same amount as purchasing an eighth, the cost for even purchasing a couple of auto-flower clones can give you well over 5 ounces.

You Can Save Even More Money With Cloning

The ability to clone plants gives you even more opportunities to save money. When you clone a plant, you basically continue to create more plants from a single source.

While the upstart cost might be higher than expected (you will probably need another grow kit), the ability to keep producing your own plants is endless.

Simply have a mother plant in one grow kit and leave it in the vegetative stage the entire time. This means not switching the light times. Keep the light on 24/7 and keeping taking snipping. Pretty soon you’ll have a number of new plants that started with one! This way, you’ll never even need to leave the house to purchase seeds or more clones.

This process will work with regular feminized seeds and not auto-flowers. This is due to the fact that the feminized seeds need to manually be switched into the flowering/bloom stage. WIth auto-flowers, they will typically start to bloom on their own.

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