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Home grow is becoming one of the largest focal points for the cannabis industry. While many residents on legal states are staying indoors, many are finding that going to the store for their weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly purchase is more than what can be asked for.

As COVID-19 continues to keep people indoors, the resulting effects of the industry have been interesting. For starters, people are finding different ways to keep themselves maintaining a semblance of life before the virus. This includes binge-watching popular shows on Netflix, HULU, or any other platform, ordering food through Doordash or Ubereats, and of course, growing their recreational or medicinal plants at home.

While many continue to visit their local retailer, others are quickly finding the zen art of growing at home to be just what they need to keep cabin fever at bay.

The results for 2020 have been staggering. For medical patients, the ability to grow from home presents better methods for obtaining their medication. Medical dispensaries are too few and far between when compared to a regular pharmacy. Those who need to fill their prescriptions are finding that long drive times and prices are a major factor for taking a different route.

When walking into your standard dispensary, you might be wowed at the sight of the clean look, professional displays, and unique features. The surprise might die out once you see the prices. For retailers to sell their products, they need to pay taxes. The price of what you are buying isn’t the same in the end. In some states, taxes are so high that it creates a larger demand for black market products. Thus the industry is currently turning away from limited availability to home grow.

Another major factor is the location of these dispensaries. In states that allow home grow opportunities, many are making the switch due to the lack of resources. For many of these patients, long drive times are a direct halt to major industry growth. Many of these patients also suffer from chronic pain and being in a car for extended periods of time can cause issues. Thus creating another direct increase in black market products.

Throughout 2020 the idea of growing in the comfort of your own home is becoming a larger reality than many thought it would be. Still, the future looks brighter for those making the switch to alternative methods.

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