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MMJ Cardholders are in a bit of a bind since the start of 2020. With states legalizing the use of cannabis and home grow methods, and the resulting fallout from COVID-19, many medical patients are finding it harder than ever to obtain the proper medication.

Well, in states like Illinois and Maine, the results have been “grass-roots” so-to-speak. The basic components come down to supply and demand. When these states legalized cannabis use, their supply went through the roof. Production levels reached an all-time high, but the receiving end was limited due to state laws and loopholes for businesses.

Well, now that the industry is taking a turn during this time, many are finding out that growing from home not only produces exactly what they want but at a drastically lower cost. For many MMJ cardholders, this response has been a savior.

While many find the high price of medical cannabis to be too…” high” for them, the cost benefits of running their own in home grow operation is much more relieving on not only their bank accounts but the time it takes to access their medication.

Now more than ever, the premise of home grow is slowly taking root in the minds of users across the country. With the cost-effectiveness and ease of access, many MMJ cardholders are making the switch to better methods.

In Maine, many recreational users are finding that purchasing and having a delivery driver make the rounds to their homes is a task in and of itself. For delivery drivers, the daunting task of driving miles out into the middle of nowhere can provide dangerous scenarios.

While the industry looks to continue its operations until 2020, the potential for home grow is staggeringly popular. For other issues, the threat of the commercial industry for home grow methods are at risk. Of course, businesses want to limit the amount of home grow opportunities due to the limit of customers that it would create.

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