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The reduced cost of growing from home is staggering. For many who are lucky enough to live in a fully legalized state or for those who have just obtained their MMJ card, the idea of purchasing your own recreational or medical plants can be an exciting experience. Unfortunately, many first time buyers are often shocked to see that the closest retail store or medical dispensary is far out of reach – not just from a distance perspective but also from a cost perspective.

While the idea of no longer paying astronomical amounts of money for pharmaceutical companies is what influences many to switch, they may feel the same anxiety when walking into their closest retail store.

This is why so many people are switching to home grow methods. Now, more than ever, people are seeing the benefits of growing from home. FOr many MMj cardholders, the reality of growing from home presents itself as a more effective and cost-friendly alternative than driving long distances and paying exorbitant prices.

Growing from home can reduce your overall spending by 90%. Even with our smallest grow tent, the amount of money for the tent is made back just after your first 3-plant harvest. From there it’s simply paying for seeds and soil,

With reduced costs driving people away from stores, the alternative is purchasing a tent and learning how to develop a green-thumb.

For medical patients, this is almost a no-brainer. Long drive times for more rural areas are a deterrent for many who can just as easily pick up opiates down the street. This also subtracts gas mileage and works with the reduced cost of growing from home.

Let’s look at a breakdown:

On average, an ounce of cannabis sells for $230. Now, this will vary from state-to-state. For those who are living in a legalized state, the cost might be lower (or higher depending on your state’s taxes).

Each plant can produce upwards of 5 ounces. Multiply that by at least three and you not only have your money back on the tent, but you even save far more than retail costs.

In all-growing from home is providing patients with the ability to harvest their own medication at a fraction of retail costs. Since the start of 2020 and with the emergence of COVID-19 the ability for thousands across the country is even more limited by the reduction of open and available stores.

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