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Humidity levels are important for each stage of your grow process. Now, more than ever, people are finding that growing from home can provide them with safe, organic medical and recreational cannabis. For many people who are just starting out, the questions of where to start can be daunting. We put together a “rule of thumb” for keeping your plants in the correct humidity range throughout all stages of growth!

Seeds: A good rule of thumb when germinating your seed is to keep the levels pretty high. At this stage, the seed has the weakest root system. Setting your humidity to 70-80% will allow your seeds to gain the most nutrients out of the soil. By soaking up that extra water, the roots of the seed will grow stronger. The stronger the seed, the stronger the plant. Your temperatures should be between 80°F and 70°F (day and night) in order to provide the best results.

Vegetative: While the previous stage (germination) requires higher levels, these levels do not require as much. Humidity levels for the vegetative stage should drop down a bit. Keep these levels at approximately 55-70% humidity. Along with the humidity, you want to drop the temperature as well. The ideal temp that you would want to use is 75°F during the day and (at the lowest) 65°F at night.

Bloom (Early Stage): During the early stages of blooming, most growers will drop the humidity again. Your plants are going to greatly benefit from a humidity level between 40–50% (depending on the strain). You can push these levels to upwards of 55% but this is for extreme circumstances. While the humidity levels drop, the temp should remain the same. Keep the heat at approximately 68–78°F for the best results.

Bloom (Late Stage): This last stage should see another significant decrease in humidity. Keep your humidity levels at 30-40%. Also, the temp inside the tent should remain the same at 65–75°F. Once you reach the harvest stage your plants will yield great results!

Remember that this is a “guideline” for beginners. Different strains may require different levels, but for those looking to step into the ring, keep these levels and temperatures in mind!


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